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[2009 June] Former British Medical Association chairman Sir Sandy Macara has called for children to be excluded from school this week unless they've have the MMR jab.  Dr Peter Mansfield takes umbrage.

Independent on Sunday  10 Feb 2001  Dr Brent Taylor & Dr Peter Mansfield 

[Media Aug 5, 2001] Doctor fights GMC on MMR vaccine

[Media UK, Aug 12, 2001] At Bay, The Doctor Who Tried To Inject Some Sanity

Doctors endorse MMR vaccine

"I knew that MMR was a mistake from the start. Within 10 seconds I could see that it was a bad idea.  All the vaccinations prior to MMR could occur in nature; they had never been combined before. Normally, viruses can't infect at the same time, so if you put more than one virus into a body at once you are making a grave error. Surely the point of vaccination is to make it safer for children, but with MMR a child could be overwhelmed, and might not recover.  The deaths and severe reactions to MMR are just the tip of the iceberg. The Government should stop lying and recognise that MMR is one step too far. It's all nonsense. It's all about greed, and the gullibility of buyers at the Department of Health. These people are acting on behalf of the nation and they should be more sceptical."--Dr Peter Manfield