Press Release- 07/11/01

Generation of Toxic Mercury Overdose Babies Turn to the Courts for Protection and Relief

Williams Dailey O'Leary Craine & Love

Portland, OR -- A group of Oregon parents, whose children have all suffered brain damage from exposure to toxic mercury overdosing from childhood vaccinations, took a series of legal actions today designed to put an end once and for all to mercury--laced vaccines and provide relief and hope for the millions of children who have already been exposed.

During the past decade, the cumulative dose of toxic organic mercury from childhood vaccines increased from five to ten fold, while the average two-year old, via a routine vaccination schedule, received more than 20 times the amount of mercury exposure than the level recommended by US EPA guidelines set to protect developing infants from brain damage.

"We have a complete decade of mercury overdose babies, and far too many with poisoned brains " said Mike Williams, attorney for the parents. "The responsibility for this tragedy is shared by those who loaded and handled the poisoned syringes; the pharmaceutical industry cut its costs by using mercury as a preservative in some vaccines despite numerous studies documenting the potential health threat, while many pediatricians failed to warn parents of the mercury inside the vaccines, its hazards and readily available alternative mercury-free vaccinations. These two groups knew that the multi-dose vials of vaccine contained mercury and knew they were increasing the mercury overdosing of our children as the number of overall vaccinations increased throughout the 90's. They exposed our children to mercury poisoning at the most critical and vulnerable stages of their brain's development."

In a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of the millions of children who have been exposed to mercury overdosing, the parents are seeking immediate injunctive and declaratory relief, asking for a judge to determine between the vaccine industry and the physicians who had the duty to warn and inform. They also want the defendants to establish a court controlled fund that would pay for a complete and exhaustive independent scientific study of all mercury overdosed babies and provide for their ongoing medical care, evaluation, testing, diagnosis and treatment. The parents also ask that a court order the defendants to turn over all current documents, data, reports and research relevant to the mercury overdosing.

For the past six years the vaccine manufactures have been slowly switching to mercury-free vaccines. Then the American Academy of Pediatrics issued new guidelines in 1999 that urged utilizing only mercury-free vaccines. "But this slow and all too silent approach has claimed even more victims, explained Williams. "Some bean counters within the pharmaceutical industry and certain doctors have still elected to needlessly play mercury roulette with a fully loaded syringe aimed at our children's brains. Some in the industry claim the risk is necessary. It's only necessary if pennies matter more than a child's brain."

In a separate lawsuit also filed today, George and Victoria Mead, the parents of William Mead, are seeking damages after their then toddler received a double-dose of his routine vaccination schedule last year and started showing symptoms that would later be diagnosed as mercury poisoning and autism. William Mead's physician actually administered three mercury overdoses after the AAP guidelines were issued, all without any warning to the parents. The Meads have been informed by medical experts that it will cost nearly $5 million dollars to treat and care for William over his lifetime.

"We simply do not want another family to live through the hell that mercury overdosing has brought to our doorstep," said George Mead. "That's why those who are responsible must be held accountable by a jury of their peers."