Mycoplasma quotes

"That's a quote, "pathogenic mycoplasma." And if you know anything about mycoplasmas, myco indicates fungal, but yet mycoplasma is not really a fungus, it's not really a bacteria, it's not really a virus. It's sort of like a pseudo all of them. It has no cell wall, it goes deep into the cell nuclei thereby making it very difficult to mount an immune response against.
    It's man-made. It can be used as a biological weapon. It was developed as an AIDS vaccine-related organism. It was extracted from AIDS patients. It is responsible for virtually all of the symptoms which AIDS patients suffer from. The AIDS virus is at best a co-factor, and not even such a strong co-factor as to bring on all of the symptoms of AIDS.
    ...There's only speculation and the most likely thesis that I'm looking at is through contaminated vaccines, contaminated blood supplies. I don't know any other suitable mode of transmitting that kind of infectious agent. The Nazi Flu Interview With Dr. Leonard Horowitz

"Scientists at The Institute for Molecular Medicine have found that slightly under one-half of the very sick Gulf War Illness patients in a pilot study with the signs and symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia have chronic invasive infections involving certain uncommon mycoplasmas, such as Mycoplasma fermentans (incognitus strain). "--Dr Nicolson

"Mycoplasma fermentans (incognitus) has been tested on the Texas Department of Corrections prisoners in the late 1980s prior to the Gulf War. It was tested on death row inmates as well as other inmates in Huntsville, Texas. The guards then contracted it from the inmates, and the guards then gave it to their families and community. This mycoplasma vaccine testing was funded by the U.S. Army, and today there is an outbreak of 350 people in the Huntsville area with a strange disease resembling GWS."--Dr Nicolson

"Researchers  Dr. Garth Nicolson and his wife Nancy have found a tiny bacterial microbe (a "mycoplasma")  in the blood of nearly half the ill vets with GWI.  Amazingly, this infectious agent has a piece of HIV (the AIDS virus)  attached to it.  This microbe could never have occured naturally. On the contrary, the composition of the microbe suggests  a man-made and genetically-engineered biological warfare agent."--Dr Cantwell MD

"As soon as homosexuals signed up as guinea pigs for government-sponsored hepatitis B vaccine experiments, they began to die with a strange virus of unknown origin. The hepatitis B experiments began in Manhattan in the fall of 1978; the first few cases of AIDS (all young gays from Manhattan) were reported to the CDC in 1979. Scientists have also failed to explain how a brand new herpes virus was also introduced exclusively into gays, along with HIV, in the late 1970s. This herpes virus is now believed to be the cause of Kaposi's sarcoma, the so-called "gay cancer" of AIDS. Before AIDS, Kaposi's sarcoma was never seen in healthy young men. Identified a decade after HIV, in 1994, this KS virus is closely related to a primate cancer-causing herpes virus extensively studied and transferred in animal laboratories in the decade before AIDS. Also downplayed to the public is a new microbe (Mycoplasma penetrans), also of unknown origin, that was introduced into homosexuals, along with HIV and the new herpes virus. Thus, not one but three new infectious agents were inexplicably transferred into the gay population at the start of the epidemic (HIV, the herpes KS virus, and M.penetrans)."--Alan Cantwell MD

"The Geneva convention prohibits the development and testing of biological weapons, otherwise known as germ warfare agents, and similar provisions are specified in the Nuremberg Codes. Nonetheless, some mycoplasmas have been engineered and/or laboratory modified for use as biological/germ warfare agents. In 1970, the Department of Defense made an appropriations request for 10 million dollars into a 5 year study to develop immune system ravaging micro-organisms for germ warfare." George Hylak on Mycoplasma

        "He wrote back and made a statement that the modified mycoplasma (M. fermentans incognitus) "...was found especially near TDCJ institutions." TDCJ is the acronym for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. It had previously been known as the Texas Department of Corrections (TDC)
        Dr. Watson is the head of the Human Genome Project and was a co-discoverer of DNA. It seemed pretty strange to me that someone of that magnitude would be running around the Texas prisons. I was told at the time Dr. Watson was here there were experimental flu vaccines being administered to inmates. Bill Langlois, producer of Channel 11 in Houston, has also verified that Dr. Watson was at the Texas Department of Corrections during that time. Sally stated she had not found anything looking at the 1980's Board Agendas and Minutes. I asked if she had looked further back than the 80's and she said "No".
        One of the experiments involved the use of M. pneumoniae. It is one of the most virulent types of mycoplasmas. Another experiment involved the mixing of viruses and mycoplasmas. The experiment of viruses and mycoplasmas was the hypothesis I made in 1997. However, the researchers who experimented on the inmates knew the effect of viruses and mycoplasmas as far back as 1976; twenty-one years earlier.
        This pathogen had been released in our community with complete lack of regard for the inmates, the guards who worked at the prisons, the guards' families they came home to and the community at large. No one was informed. The experiments using M. pneumoniae lasted 10 years. The other had a time duration of "indefinite" with each overlapping one another.
        When I studied Lyme Disease in 1997 I found the same antibiotic treatment was used to treat Lyme as is used to treat mycoplasmal infections. My son was diagnosed with parvovirus B19 not Lyme Disease, but he responded to the antibiotic. This didn't make sense until I found that ticks carry mycoplasmas."--Candace Brown