VACCINATIONS: The Biggest Group Delusion In The History Of Healthcare presented by Catherine O'Driscoll

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Over the last thirty years, we have been urged to vaccinate our dogs, cats
and horses annually against a range of viral and bacterial diseases. In some
American states, the law demands that you vaccinate your animals against
rabies every year; in others every three years. We who love our animals have
followed this advice gratefully. But what if we have made a mistake? What if
the vaccines we give to protect our animals - and our children - are causing
more death and disease than they are preventing?


When Catherine O'Driscoll's young Golden Retrievers started dying and falling
down with chronic illnesses, she asked why. The answers that came back
centred mostly on annual vaccination and inappropriate processed food. By
putting her own dogs on a natural diet and stopping vaccinating, Catherine
has proven that dogs of any breed - irrespective of genetic pre-disposition -
can live long and healthy lives. Hear Catherine's own story, and the
collective experience of thousands of animal lovers who have taken her advice.


A description of the diseases
Who is at risk from the diseases we vaccinate against?
Are vaccines as protective as we have been led to believe?
Are annual shots necessary?


Introduction to the immune system and how vaccines affect it
Why some dogs will have vaccine reactions - the genetic link
The importance of specific nutrients in fighting the vaccine challenge
The mechanisms of vaccine damage


There is a wealth of scientific research to illustrate very clearly that
vaccines can kill. Diseases such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, epilepsy,
behavioural problems, skin disease, paralysis, and more, can be shown
scientifically to have been caused by vaccines. Much of this research will be
presented today.


Science is no longer about the open pursuit of truth. It is about
multi-national corporations influencing governments, education, research
establishments, health charities and the media. Our animals represent a
multi-billion international industry. It is in your interest, and in your
animals' interests, to be aware of this.


By the end of this one-day seminar, Catherine hopes to have at least caused
you to think about your vaccination policy. You may react with fear. What can
you do, then, to prevent your beloved animals from suffering from serious
viral disease? Don't worry - there are answers.
The homoeopathic vaccine alternative
Good nutrition - the foundation of health
Complementary healthcare solutions - without the side-effects
Preventative healthcare

Catherine O'Driscoll is a founder of Canine Health Concern, and the author of
'What Vets Don't Tell You About Vaccines'.

A decade ago, Catherine was an 'ordinary' dog lover. She shared her life with
her husband John Watt and four beautiful Golden Retrievers. And then Oliver -
only four years old - died. Why? Pretty soon her other dogs were also sick,
with thyroid disease, arthritis, and leukaemia. Prudence, Oliver's litter
mate, died of leukaemia at the age of six. Why?

In their quest for answers, John and Catherine formed Canine Health Concern
(CHC), an international group of veterinarians and animal guardians who
research the causes of good and bad health in today's dogs. From this came
the first (and only) definitive piece of research into the adverse effects of
vaccines in dogs. CHC also began to promote natural feeding during the early
'90s, and campaigned to make animal guardians aware of natural healthcare

'What Vets Don't Tell You About Vaccines' became a word-of-mouth bestseller
and was the subject of a network TV documentary which screened in the UK and
around the world.  

By profession, Catherine was a freelance PR and marketing consultant, and
journalist. She has now opened a healing centre in the foothills of the
Scottish Highlands.  She and John now share their lives with Sophie, aged 16,
Guinnevere, aged seven, and Edward and Daniel, two four-year-old
non-vaccinated Golden Retrievers.

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