Quackpot Menace MASHED in California...

Opinion by Tim Bolen

California is the newest, and biggest, victory for Americans
against the quackbuster conspiracy (the quackpot menace).
California, as it does in many social issues, will, in this
issue, begin the domino effect across America.

The "quackbusters" have lost...  it's just a matter of time.

Why?  Because quackbuster strategies are back-firing, and their
tactics have been successfully turned against them.  And, Health
Freedom Fighters outnumber them 100,000 to 1.

How?  De-licensed MD Stephen Barrett, chief propagandist for the
"quackbuster" movement in North America, operates his ludicrous
website www.quackwatch.com, hoping that there are still members
of the public dumb enough to believe, and take his message
seriously.  Fewer, and fewer Americans are taken in by Barrett's

Barrett, himself, is now following the path of one of his
lieutenants, Terry Polevoy of Ontario, Canada, into RIDICULE.
Polevoy, a pimple doctor turned "Alternative Medicine Critic,"
and Polevoy's virulent website www.healthwatcher.net" was
recently used by Canadian Health Freedom Fighters as "the epitome
of the quackbuster movement," to successfully convince the
Ontario government to pass their Health Freedom Act.   It passed

Barrett, and his website, are now suffering the same
finger-pointing as Polevoy, US nationwide.  In California, for
instance, Health Freedom activists point legislators towards
Barrett's website, and the results aren't following Barrett's
hopes and intentions. In fact, just the opposite.

Polevoy's photograph was circulated at a Toronto health expo
recently, where security personnell were ready to remove him from
the event.  Polevoy may be best known in Canada for his
"stalking" of Canadian radio personality Christine McPhee, until
police visited him at his home late one night.


The quackbuster influence in California has all but been
destroyed.   California, the seventh largest stand-alone economy
on planet earth is moving, through it's governing body, to make
California THE LEADER in leading-edge health care.  And here's
how it's happening...

(1).  Senate Bill 2100 in California, passed last year, forced
the California Medical Board to form a committee and begin a two
year study of Alternative Medicine under VERY SPECIFIC
guidelines.  Despite an early attempt by quackbuster minions to
sabotage the study, it is on track and moving in a VERY positive
direction.  America can thank health activist Frank Cuny
(calcfh@cncnet.com) for his actions in getting the bill passed,
his constant vigilance, and behind-the-scenes prodding on
SB2100's path over the next two years.

(2).  Proposed Senate Bill 417, just introduced, is a $3,000,000
subsidy to study alternative cancer treatments for the purpose of
introducing, and approving treatments within the state.  This
bill was spurred by the embarrasingly good cancer recovery
statistics coming out of the Mexican Cancer Treatment Centers, a
good many of which are located in Tijuana, Mexico, just across
the border from San Diego.  Too many Californians, told by their
their oncologists "there is nothing more we can do - close out
your affairs," are returning to their homes, from Mexico,

An entire "self-health" movement has sprung up world-wide because
of Research Scientist Hulda Clarks' books (ie; The Cure For All
Cancers, etc.) teaching people how to remove toxins and parasites
from their bodies to improve their chances against diseases, and
improve their over-all health.  Clark success "testimonials" are
too numerous to deny.  Clark's research facility is in Mexico,
while her books are published in California.  Clark is just one,
among many, researchers breaking out of traditional paths heading
towards leading-edge health protocols.

California leaders are begining to recognize that there are
cancer protocols available that are not mainstream, but that work
very well. And we shouldn't have to go to Mexico to get them.

(3).  Proposed  AB 1565, just introduced, will outlaw toxic waste
forms of flouride in California drinking water.

(4).  Proposed Senate Bill 577 - The State Department of Health
Services shall conduct a study based on existing literature,
information, and data on the scope of complementary medicine in
California.  The study shall include:    (1) A report on the
types of complementary medicine therapies available in the state.
(2) A report on existing regulation of complementary medicine and
complementary medicine practitioners.    (3)   An evaluation of
options for oversight of the complementary medicine industry in
order to protect providers and consumers.    (4) A report
recommending ways to promote consumer access to a broad range of
healing and health care information.   The study shall be
submitted to the Legislature no later than October 1, 2002.

(5).  The California Medical Board, who's 18 appointed members
will in June 2001, have been completely replaced by Governor Gray
Davis  IS UNDER COMPLETE REVISION.   The quackbuster influenced
board is GONE.  A new Medical Director, Neil D. Kohatsu, MD, MPH
has been hired and he is in the process of bringing in all new
medical "expert reviewers."  He is actively looking for
"alternative practitioners" as reviewers.

(6).  The sheer demand for better health care in California is
forcing the issue.  Californians, myself included, want the best
health care available for ourselves and our loved ones, and WE
WANT IT RIGHT NOW.    In California, that translates to mean "WE
INTEND TO HAVE IT RIGHT NOW."  That situation doesn't bode well
for Barrett and his ilk.

(7).  And, there's more coming... Much more.

In California, it is not a good idea to stand on the freeway, and
try to block traffic... You could get mashed.

Tim Bolen
JuriMed - Public Relations and Research Group

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