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From:  Edda West - VRAN- Vaccination Risk Awareness Network (Canada)

Dear list members,

Dr. Edward Yazbak has done a lot of work with mothers who received live
virus vaccines either just before and during pregnancy, and postpartum.  He
found that rubella virus is transmitted to the infant in breastmilk, and
can heighten a baby's risk of developing autism spectrum disorders if
he/she is subsequently vaccinated. Our recent newsletter reported on his
lecture on this topic given at the NVIC Conference last September.  For
more insight into Dr. Yazbak's work, please refer to: http://www.whale.to/vaccines/yazbak.html

Dr. F. Edward Yazbak, MD - Maternal Vaccination - Before During and After
Pregnancy - opens a new area of research that begins to explore the impact
of vaccinations given to mothers, and the disastrous cascade of events that
follow when infants are pre-sensitized. Dr. Yazbak was a pediatrician in
private practice and also worked as a school physician in Rhode Island for
35 years where he assisted the department of health in coordinating mass
vaccination campaigns against polio, measles and meningitis.

"The group of children we have now is the most vaccinated group ever. We
have never seen more children vaccinated with more vaccines than the ones
that are living right now. But more importantly, and this is where my study
comes in, the mothers of these children are the most vaccinated ever, and
have the most immune diseases ever in the history of the world."

Dr. Yazback showed a photo of a beautiful baby- his grandson, saying, "I
can assure you this boy does not have any chromosomal aberrations or
metabolic defects. He has one problem though. He has already received two
hepatitis B shots, that unfortunately, with shame, I gave to him." He
talked with passion about his grandson, who on returning to France was
given 3 more hepatitis B shots because the French authorities refused to
believe he had already been vaccinated. "But we had to wait for the MMR -
four weeks after the MMR, the life is gone - the eyes are gone. So anyone
who comes and tells me that MMR did not precipitate this disease, I'd be
glad to talk with them."

In a voice laden with emotion, Dr. Yazbak showed another slide of his
grandson eight weeks after the MMR saying "This picture shows the full
throws of an immune insult. He is fighting - look at his face - he is
fighting. Eight weeks after his MMR shot he is gone. This boy is a hero. He
went to Royal Free Hospital in July 1999, and was diagnosed with what you
have heard about from Dr. Wakefield - autistic enterocolitis."

His grandson's vaccine injury has inspired Dr. Yazbak to find out why some
children are predisposed to developing autism. Dr. Yazbak's daughter had
postulated that the mother who needs to be re-vaccinated in adulthood
because of failing or absent antibodies to a vaccine she has already
received denotes that she has an immune problem and predisposes her
children to autism, proving two things - that if in the future we find
women who have been vaccinated and have no titers, or have developed titers
and have lost them, we should not revaccinate them and that the problem is
not with the vaccine, but with the recipient, the vaccinee.

Dr. Yazbak devised a questionnaire that was posted on the internet by Dawn
Richardson, president of PROVE (Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education).
He received 400 responses in a few weeks. " Very quickly I realized that
some women had been vaccinated just around pregnancy with disastrous
results." His research has focused on what happens to children whose
mothers have been vaccinated before or during pregnancy and shortly after
birth. The vaccine challenge to the mother's immune system can subsequently
impact on her children, predisposing them to immune and neurological insult
when they themselves are then vaccinated in infancy and childhood.

He talked about immune fragility around pregnancy. Women whose rubella
titers have declined are told they should get rubella vaccine after birth
but are not told that the live rubella virus is secreted in her milk. The
immunological consequences to infants exposed to live rubella virus during
breastfeeding, and who are then subsequently vaccinated with live virus
vaccine has not been studied, until Dr. Yazbak began to investigate these
cases. Not a single woman of the 400 he studied was informed that rubella
virus passes through to the baby in her breast milk. According to Merck's
product monograph, it is not known whether live measles and mumps virus is
also secreted during lactation, but caution is urged during nursing.

"What happens to women that are vaccinated postpartum? This is what I have
found - totally new findings. Several healthy mothers get vaccinated and
horrible things begin to happen. They develop symptoms of arthritis, of
thyroid, and other immune difficulties, but more importantly they start
having still births and miscarriages. I'm saying this for the first time.
I'm relating obstetrical failure to immune insults from a vaccine. After
all this is said and done, they are still rubella and measles susceptible
and even worse, they have an unbelievable incidence of autism in their
children, plus other disabilities. So we have to have serious studies that
look at the immune fragility of women around pregnancy. This is not a good
time to give vaccines to anybody. She has enough on her mind having a baby."

As an example of what can happen when the mother's immune system has been
tampered with, Dr. Yazbak related the tragic events in one family. This
mother's first pregnancy resulted in a daughter who is now 22 years old, in
good health and in college.

Her second child, a boy, died at the age of three months of SIDS which Dr.
Yazbak emphasized is a huge red flag for immune problems. Her next child a
boy was born in 1979. The following day, the mother received an MMR vaccine.

The boy was breastfed for six months and received his first MMR vaccine at
15 months. "The circuit closes and he now develops autism at the age of 18
months - bang! bang! We're now starting to see that when the child gets the
MMR, it closes the circuit - that's the concept." The child stopped talking
- he became withdrawn, refused to be held, and reacted to any change with
severe temper tantrums. Simultaneously, he also started with prolonged
diarrhea. His chromosomal analysis is normal.

"Then this mother has two children, age 17 and 19 with serious learning
disabilities. And then this poor woman has three boys back to back with
diagnosed PDD (pervasive developmental disorder) with reduced IQ's. And
things don't stop there. She then she gives birth to a small preemie, a
little girl with hypo-plastic left heart syndrome. She has only one kidney,
she lives two days and then she dies. The family history, after a very
extensive workup, on both sides is totally negative for autism and the
mother's chromosomal studies were normal."

In the following case, Dr. Yazbak draws our attention to breastfed babies'
vulnerability on exposure to live rubella virus in their mother's milk.
"This mother who was born in 1953 delivered her first child in November
1984 and was given a rubella vaccine shortly thereafter. This girl was not
breastfed and is normal. The mother then had three miscarriages before
conceiving her second child, a boy who was born 9/8/1987. Again the mother
was given a rubella vaccine shortly after delivery, and this time she
breastfed her baby for four months. This child develops autism after
getting an MMR. The third child, a daughter was born on 11/28/1988. The
mother was given yet a third postpartum rubella booster and also breastfed
this child who now has severe dyslexia, ADHD and learning disabilities.
This woman was given 3 rubella vaccines within 4 years.

The CDC ( Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the U.S) recommends
that women be screened prenatally for rubella susceptibility, and should be
vaccinated post partum to 'protect' them in future pregnancies from
contracting rubella. It cautions that women should not be vaccinated during
pregnancy with a live virus vaccine, and should not be vaccinated 1-3
months before pregnancy. Dr. Yazbak revealed that they had conducted a
registry of vaccines given in pregnancy for 17 years - "a huge registry, in
which they wanted to look at the possibility of the vaccine causing
congenital rubella syndrome. In 17 years, they found no cases of damage
from the vaccine. But they were ONLY look for congenital rubella syndrome",
not for any other health problems that could have arisen from vaccinating
pregnant women.

Dr. Yazbak soon found 18 cases of women who were vaccinated around
pregnancy. Every one of them but one, had serious, disastrous results. "The
first one was a woman who had been previously vaccinated, and received an
MMR in college and another one in post graduate training and was still
measles susceptible. They then proceeded to give her another MMR shot when
she was pregnant with twins. One infant was stillborn, and the other child
also had problems with sensory integration difficulties, and multiple
social difficulties also. After all this, the mother is still susceptible.
So this woman was given more vaccine - 6 measles vaccines and she is still

"The following one is a disastrous case. This woman had a premature baby,
and the obstetrician said, "next time you're pregnant we're going to put a
band around your cervix." She gets pregnant, and at 13 weeks he takes her
in to put a band around her cervix, and gives her a rubella vaccine.
Fourteen weeks later, she delivers a premature baby girl - a very stormy
start and the baby is in intensive care with two bouts of sepsis, one bout
of necrotizing enterocolitis, continuous apnea spells, continuous
bradychardiac problems - bells and sirens ringing as these things are
happening. In the middle of all this, the baby is injected with the first
shot of vaccines. She survived the first set. The second one almost killed
her causing hyporesponsive- hyporeflexive attacks. Eventually the baby is
sent home on oxygen and monitors, and very quickly is noted to have
developmental delays, and had early onset autism (autism that sets in
before the age of one)."

He spoke of 76 women he has been studying who were vaccinated around
pregnancy. "Fifty eight of these mothers have children with ASD (autistic
spectrum disorders) diagnosed. 76% of the total number are diagnosed with
ASD, and another 13% are on their way to be diagnosed, and of these, I know
already that a good 12% have been diagnosed already. These children have
the same findings involving the gut as Dr. Wakefield has found in England.
Four mothers have other problems, and one mother has an intact and only

"There are 9 mothers who were vaccinated before conception, and 9 who were
vaccinated during pregnancy. Of the first group, 8 received the MMR vaccine
- 7 had children with autism, of which there were 6 boys and one girl. Five
of these had early onset autism, before the age of 7 months. One boy had
severe developmental delay and will be diagnosed with autism very soon. The
ninth mother who received rubella vaccine had a girl with decreased muscle
tone, and hypotonic - nothing serious, and is not autistic."

"This is a very important group because for the very first time, I'm
revealing to you that measles vaccine causes more trouble than rubella
vaccine if given pre-conception. This has never been reported before. Now
in the second group, nine mothers were vaccinated during pregnancy. Two had
MMR, three had the measles, three had the rubella, and the last one who
went to Thailand was bitten by a dog and was given live virus rabies
vaccine. After two shots, she realized she was pregnant and the vaccine was
discontinued. Seven of these children had early onset autism (5 boys and
two girls), and two have ASD."

"Of the 76 cases, there are 18 who were vaccinated around conception, and
58 just after delivery. Thirty mothers had the MMR and 28 had the rubella
vaccine. Forty four had children with autism - either regular autism,
Asperger's syndrome or PDD - 76%. Nine had children with developmental
delays and severe ADHD, four had children with immune and other
difficulties, and one had the girl who was not breastfed and is intact.
Thank God I have one child in my study who is okay."

"Let us look at those 44 with autism. Twenty resulted from that pregnancy,
and 23 from the following pregnancy. In one case the woman had two
children, the one just before the vaccination and the following one.
Looking at postpartum cases only, I'm looking at 20 mothers with only one
child. Thirteen out of twenty have diagnosed autism, and 4 are ready to be
diagnosed, and I'm sure will be diagnosed. Two have immune issues, and the
last one is that pretty girl that thank God came out scott free."

"Now what happens to subsequent children - here you are. Thirty eight
mothers had more than one child. Twenty three out of 38 have been diagnosed
with autism. These are horrible numbers!!! Four have developmental delays,
3 have immunological issues, and 10 were normal. There were two sets of
twins, so there is a total of 40, not 38. There are always more boys
affected than girls."

"Breastfeeding after the mother has received live virus vaccine is
dangerous to the baby - it's not the fault of the breastfeeding - but you
cannot breastfeed and be vaccinated. So the best thing you can do is DO NOT

He spoke of another tragic case of a woman who is HIV positive, and
according to HIV protocol, she has to get MMR every 2 -3 years. "They give
her the first one when she was 3 months pregnant. The child is born and has
no HIV, but they give him an MMR at the age of six months --although there
is absolutely no need - but he is on the HIV protocol. At 18 months they
give him another one and he becomes autistic at two years. Then the mother
has 2 miscarriages, is pregnant again and has to get another MMR. This is
what happens when the mother has immune problems - she gets vaccinated
again and again and her child develops autism -and she now has lupus."

"In summary, this presentation shows you an evident connection between live
virus vaccination. Vaccination of women with live virus vaccine is
contraindicated just before and during pregnancy and any doctor who
vaccinates women in such conditions should be sued for malpractice. He
should be sued - he should be put in jail! The next one is postpartum
vaccination, which until now, by everybody standards was okay. I'm telling
you today it is risky and it should be stopped immediately."

Dr. Yazbak called for research to launch large independent studies to
examine the autism vaccine link in the second generation vaccinees - to
examine the mother and examine the child is of critical importance. He
concluded with "Ladies and gentlemen, as far as I'm concerned, there is a
vaccine-autism connection!" A review of Dr. Yazbak's research and case
histories of these families can be found on the internet at: