Re: Shaken Baby Syndrome Regina v- Scott Warren Walters, Supreme Court of New South Wales Criminal Division No. 70031 of 1996 - Australia

Carters Law Firm, where I am employed three days a week (as a para/legal) acted on behalf of the father in the above Shaken Baby Syndrome Murder Trial in April 1998. As soon as I heard my firm was acting for the father, I endeavoured to place the link with vaccination and helped the Solicitor in charge and subsequently the Barrister. I have been researching vaccine damage for legal claims for the past eight years and Carters have had three successful workers’ compensation claims in New South Wales and presently have two common law actions on foot.

Two doctors in Australia who are very experienced on the subject of vaccination (both GP’s one of whom is retired) gave evidence on behalf of the father. I knew them both personally so it wasn’t difficult to obtain their services. The father was subsequently found not guilty, but I wonder if this would have been the case had I not had a background in vaccine research and not been working at Carters at the time.

I believe that it is important to obtain very extensive medical documentation of the baby prior to death to establish the health of the child particularly the health following any vaccinations and any adverse reactions. The detailed documentation should include birth records/medical reports etc. and any subsequent visits to medical practitioners/copy record cards etc. It is also important to have a very extensive report following death from a forensic pathologist. The 72 hour period prior to death is very important and a detailed chronology should be obtained from father/mother/other person who came in contact with the baby detailing every minute of those 72 hours. Lengthy statements should be taken from everyone who had contact with the baby from birth to death particularly in regard to health issues including vaccination.

It was obvious in the Walters case that vaccination was a contributing cause with the baby having other underlying medical problems. Rikki Lee Walters had hepatic mitochondrial abnormality, andibiotic use in the neonatal period, cytomegalovirus infection causing pneumonia, poor feeding and fluid intake causing a depletion in glutathione, multiple antigen vaccination administered while she was suffering a significant viral infection, adverse reaction to the vaccination.

I can provide a copy of the full Judgment of Acting Judge Black handed down on 24.4.98 if anyone is interested.

I will be attending the NVIC conference in Washington in September and will take copies of this judgment with me for those who may want one. My travel arrangements following the conference are to travel to Canada (Montreal) on 11.9.2000, Quebec City, Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver, San Francisco—Home 4.10.2000.

The full details of the Australian Shaken Baby Case is detailed in my book - Vaccination—The Right Choice? released in Australia in February this year. Whilst the book concentrates on Australian conditions, there is considerable information from US and UK. The US information was provided to me by a law firm in the US and was obtained under freedom of information and I believe that this information has not been disseminated to the public previously. I would be happy to bring copies of the book to the NVIC vaccination conference if you feel anyone would be interested in purchasing a copy.

I am presently assisting Alan Yurok who is in jail in Florida for shaken baby syndrome and was able to put him in touch with one of the GP’s who gave evidence in the Walters case.

I would be pleased to hear from you in relation to this matter and willing to assist those charged with shaken baby syndrome as much as I can .


Maureen Hickman, Para/Legal

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