Journal of Degenerative Diseases - Vol 1; Number 1

Biological Warfare Weapons Development and Testing: A Chronology by Donald C. Scott

1942: Canada enters into a secret agreement with Britain and the United States to participate in a program to develop biological weapons. The principal diseases used as starting points included anthrax and brucellosis.

1945: At the end of the war the Agreement was continued into peacetime due to a perceived Communist threat. U.S. hires principal German and Japanese biowar researchers, including Dr. Ishii Shiro who had used allied prisoners to test anthrax and had conducted tests of a 'mystery' disease agent in the heartland of New Guinea.

1946: Dr. George Merck, head of the biological research in the U.S. reported in a secret memo that his researchers had learned how to extract the disease toxin from bacteria in a crystalline form suitable for aerosol diffusion.

1949: Several bio-weapons were tested at Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah. There were two principal classes of weapon: one class to disable and one class to kill.

1952-53: Several bio-weapons were emplopyed by the U.S. in Korea, including brucellosis. Evidence also suggests that a pathogen causing hemorrhagic fever was deployed along the Hantaan River, but it 'blew back' over American troops, killing several hundred. D. Carleton Gajdusek (see article by Ms. Heslin this issue) sent by Pentagon to help contain the damage.


1950: Canada agreed to breed one hundred million mosquitoes a month in the Dominion Parasite Laboratory in Belleville, Ontario, The mosquitoes were to be contaminated with certain crystalline bacterial toxins and tested on unwitting U.S. and Canadian public. Queens University in Kingston involved.

1957: Carleton Gajdusek turned up in remote New Guinea highlands where hundreds of Fore tribe were suffering from Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (kuru).

1969: The Pentagon's chief researcher asked Congress in a secret meeting for ten million dollars to develop a new weapon which would be 'refractory' to the human immune system and for which ..."No natural immunity could have been acquired." In other words, the victims would have a DEFICIENCY of ACQUIRED IMMUNITY. At the same Meeting Dr. MacArthur stated that his researchers were going to try to 'mutate bacteria and viruses' to create new microorganisms Which 'did not naturally exist'. (See Dr. Martin's "Viteria" this issue).

He again emphasized two classes of weapon: one to and one to kill. Both would have to be on unwitting victims and the tests would be by the U.S. Public Health Agencies (ie The CDC and the National Institutes of Health).

1974:Henry Kissinger wrote National Security Memorandum 200 in which he advised Ford that the world's population would have be limited as far as its growth was concerned. Such limits would require an increased death rate or birth rate.

1976: U.S. Centers for Disease Control visited most the countries identified by Kissinger as population threats and offered the populace a free vaccination against small pox. Millions received the vaccine and within five years close to sixty percent had a new disease: AIDS. A disease which, Dr. MacArthur had promised the Congressmen, refractory to the human immune system. The population who received the free vaccine had no acquired immunity to the new disease.

1976: A new hepatitis vaccine was also offered in this year to gay men in New York. Over 1000 accepted the vaccination and in five years sixty percent of these had developed AIDS.

1980's: Tests of new disabling disease pathogens somewhere in the U.S. and Canada. At

the same time mystery diseases were breaking out as far away as Incline Village, Nevada St. Lawrence Seaway in Canada. The CDC and NIH were not interested in studying these mystery outbreaks whose symptoms greatly resembled symptoms of brucellosis mutated by the visna virus.

1985-1989: U.S. sells several hundred units of bio-weapons to Iraq for use against Iran. Included in shipments were deadly anthrax plus disabling brucella agents: melitensis, suis and abortis. The latter caused "chronic fatigue" as well as disabling damage to major organs.

1991: Desert Storm Forces attacked by SCUDS. Several hundred thousand U.S., British and Canadian troops become ill with symptoms of mutated brucellosis. (See story on Lt. Richard and Gulf War Protest Oct. 13 in this issue). Allied attack halted immediately after attack by SCUDS. Possibly to prevent a second attack with anthrax armed SCUDS.

1992 to present: U.S., British and Canadian Military tell sick Gulf War Veterans that their illnesses were all in their imagination. NIH agrees !

1999: Veterans told "Pay for your own treatment".

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