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Added 6/19/01

VAERS ID 133879    An infant received the DTaP vaccine on 10/31/97.  The next day he or she (doesn't say which) died.  Autopsy state cause of death unknown, possibly SIDS.  (New York)

Added 6/17/01    

VAERS ID 150892    A one year-old received the OPV vaccine on 11/1/97.  In August of 1998 he was diagnosed with medulloblastoma.  (It says the adverse event onset date was 8/1/98, but don't know if that was the first symptoms or what.)  Says "allegedly the patient underwent two surgeries to remove the tumor and was administered chemotherapy."  On 1/31/99 he died.  Then it says "Allegedly his brain tiss" and that's it.  Now meduloblastoma is, I believe, one of the cancers associated with the old polio vaccine and SV40.  Don't know if there was going to be reference to finding SV40 in the tumor or not.  (California)

Added 6/16/01

VAERS ID 108977    An infant received the DTPH and OPV vaccines on 1/8/97.  Just says undetermined cause of death, adverse event onset date = 1/22/97 (14 days later).  (New Hampshire)

VAERS ID 151841     A one year-old received the DTP and HIBV vaccines on 8/11/97.   He experience high pitched screaming, fever, diarrhea for over a month and a personality change.  Later he had seizures.  This child had developed beautifully his first year of life.  All expected milestones were on time or sooner than anticipated.   He was talking at 10 months. He has NOT recovered and is considered disabled. (New Jersey)

Added 6/11/01

VAERS ID 108077  An infant received the DTaP, HIBV, and OPV vaccines on 4/28/97.  That afternoon the babysitter found her dead; was taken to the ER; autopsy results are pending, however ER staff attributed this event to SIDS.  (Texas)

VAERS ID 114917    An infant received the DTaP, HIBV, OPV and HepB vaccines on 9/15/ or 9/16/97 (text says one thing, immunization date field says another).  She died 5 or 6 days later (SIDS).  Parents requested VAERS report on the 1 year anniversary of her death (says 9/22/98??).  (Washington)

VAERS ID 100355    An infant received the DTaP, HIBV, IPV and HepB vaccines on 6/10/97.  Two days later he died of apparent SIDS. (New York)

Added 6/10/01

VAERS ID 106657  An infant received the DTaP, HIBV, IPV and HepB vaccines on 12/8/97.    A medical examiner pronounced her dead the next day at 1:36PM.  An autopsy to be performed.  (Tennessee)

VAERS ID 106256 A one year-old received the DTaP, HIBV, HepB and MMR vaccines on 12/10/97.  On the 14th, 4 days later, he developed an elevated temperature, poor appetite, weakness.  The next day his temp increased and he was taken to the hospital and admitted.   It does not say he left the hospital, but then says on the 16th, the next day, he was taken to the hospital with increased temp, convulsions, difficulty breathing.  On the 17th, his temp decreased, became unresponsive and unable to communicate.  He died, but it does not say when.   It says he was hospitalized for 4 days.  (Texas)

VAERS ID 108794  An infant received the DTaP, OPV, HIBV, and HepB vaccines on 5/29/97.  9 days later she died of SIDS.  (New Hampshire)

Added 6/7/01

VAERS ID 112938  A one year old received DTP and OPV vaccines on 11/5/97.  On 1/2/98 she began not eating well, had diarrhea for one day, developed a slight rash on her face and on her vaginal area; she was put down for a nap and was found in bed not breathing.  Pronounced dead at the hospital.   (New Jersey)

VAERS ID 107771  An infant received DTP and OPV vaccines on 10/31/97.  It says the onset of symptoms, fever, crankiness, sleepless started the next day.  It says he died, but doesn't say when.   (Probably that day, but I cannot be sure of that.)  (New York)