Croup  Whooping Cough (Pertussis)

Whooping Cough Cover-up

(letter Nexus May 2001)

I would like to reply to Donna who is concerned about her son contracting whooping cough.

My two-year-old daughter contracted whooping cough from a child I was babysitting at the time. This other girl, Lindsey, had just recently been vaccinated for whooping cough. In addition, Justine, my cousin’s child, about four years of age, had also been vaccinated shortly before she contracted whooping cough. Lindsey and Justine do not know each other and contracted whooping cough from their respective vaccines.

My daughter, who has never been vaccinated, had a milder case and recovered sooner than either of the other girls. Both other girls were on antibiotics (several different types), which did not help at all. That tells me several things:

1) The vaccine does not protect your child.

2) Your child’s natural immunity is better able to fight off the disease without antibiotics.

3) The milder, shorter version of whooping cough, which my daughter had, was preferable to the longer, harsher cases the other girls had.

4) Had I taken my child to the doctor (which I did not), she most likely would have been diagnosed as having "whooping cough" because she was not vaccinated. The other girls were officially diagnosed as having "croup", since they had been vaccinated. Just another way to cover up actual statistics, and fool the average person into believing that vaccines are safe.

By the way, when my two-year-old had whooping cough, her three-week-old sister never contracted it. There is a lot to be said for breastfeeding and the natural immunity it gives. I believe that my second daughter has a lifetime immunity to whooping cough now, because of her exposure as an infant.

Sincerely, Tammy Mokma,   (via