by vaccine reaction
loving father jailed

yurko.jpg (35630 bytes) Baby Alan was born pre-term, with many complications including Strep-B infection, respitory distress and jaundice, to name a few. He spent time in intensive care and had breathing problems that never cleared up.

Despite this he had 6 vaccines in 1 day. He got a temperature, stopped feeding and elicitied a high-pitched scream. 12 days later he died of a brain haemorrage and meningitis.

His father, Alan Yurko, was accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome and thrown in prison. The above symptoms are not consistant with SBS.

Baby Alan died of a fatal reaction to his childhood immunisations! Currently in the UK and US there is an alarming rate of people being wrongly imprisoned for vaccine-induced baby deaths.

Please help us free a loving husband and father and stop this happening to you and your loved ones.

We need to raise 15,000 by 30 November 2001 just to start his appeal against this injustice.

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