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Release: No. DITA-909
Date Mailed: January 2, 2002
For Immediate Release
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FBI Implicated in Anthrax Mailings Cover-up: Mueller Reports No Intention to Investigate Chief Suspect 

Sandpoint, ID -FBI officials may be implicated in a conspiracy
to impede justice in the anthrax mailings case, if not
treasonous dereliction of duty, according to a growing number
of scientists and consumer advocates. After officials cited the
likeliest origin of the powdered anthrax was the U.S. Army's
Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah, or its Ohio-based supplier and
CIA-contractor, Battelle Memorial Instititue (BMI), FBI
Director Robert Mueller announced the bureau has no intention
of investigating anyone with, or formerly with, their chief

Just weeks ago, major progress in the FBI's investigation
seemed forthcoming. The New York Times and Washington Post
revealed that BMI, Dugway's anthrax facility supplier and chief
administrator had contracted with the CIA (in project "Clear
Vision") to produce, albeit illegally, the 1 trillion spore-per-
gram strain of anthrax under investigation. BMI, while heading
the U.S. military's "Joint Vaccine Acquisitions Program" worth
more than $1 billion in vaccine contracts, commissioned
America's top anthrax expert, William C. Patrick, III, to
deliver a report on the powdered anthrax's prospects for being
spread through the mail.

Thus, by mid-December, the public, including health scientists
urged to help federal officials identify suspects, realized
that someone with high level security clearance, a "black-op
budget," access to the BMI/Dugway anthrax labs, and vaccine
sales incentive, most likely took BMI's powdered anthrax, and
prepared it for mailing from Trenton, NJ; St. Petersburg, FL;
Atlanta, GA; and Malaysia.

For the first time since the 1975 Frank Church congressional
investigation of the CIA for illegally stockpiling anthrax and
other biological weapons, the public learned that the CIA had
been violating the international Geneva Accord moratorium on
biological weapons development-a revelation somewhat
embarrassing to American diplomats engaged in the global "War
on Terrorism."

The day before Christmas, an Op Ed piece in the Wall Street
Journal additionally implicated BMI, and potentially the FBI,
along with rogue elements within the CIA, in an international
conspiracy to commit and cover-up the anthrax mailings crime. 
BMI and Bioport, a Michigan-based offshoot of Britain's leading
biological weapons organization at Porton Down, were previously
reported to be collaborating on the manufacture and supply of
America's only anthrax vaccine. Dr. Robert C. Myers, Chief
Operating Officer of BioPort, told a Senate Appropriations
Committee in 1996 that he "was part of a team of organizations,
led by Battelle Memorial Institute . . . " The Journal writer
Edward Jay Epstein cited the testimony of U.S. Army bioweapons
official David Franz concerning America's reliance on British
intelligence provided by Porton Down officials regarding the
development and use of the powdered Ames strain of anthrax.
Thus, the FBI's disregard of foreign suspects, especially
Porton Down, with direct links to Bioport and BMI's anthrax
vaccine, vaccine contracts, and BMI's and Dugway's anthrax
experiments, was criticized by Epstein as it was days earlier
in the Washington Post.

More evidence of the FBI's intentional ineptitude came from the
Columbus Dispatch. Though the Washington Post reported that the
FBI was allegedly pursuing the possibility that financial gain
was the motive behind the anthrax mailings, and that "two
laboratories" were especially implicated, that is, BMI and
Dugway, a contradictory announcement was relayed the same day
(Dec. 21, 2001) by Ohio Senator Mike DeWine. Based on an ABC
News report concerning a BMI employee who had been under FBI
investigation for an anthrax threat, FBI Director Robert
Mueller had, according to The Dispatch, assured Senator DeWine
that the bureau was not investigating, nor intending to
investigate, anyone with, or formerly with, BMI.

Currently then, the FBI has no intention of investigating its
chief suspect, despite the grave likelihood that the remaining
mystery will continue to exact massive economic and socio-
political tolls.

These proceedings have bewildered and even outraged many
scientists and public health professionals from whom the FBI
requested assistance.

 "If Senator DeWine's statements accurately reflect director
Mueller's intention to disregard all of the most damning
evidence concerning Battelle and allied vaccine makers," said
Dr. Leonard Horowitz, "then the American people should demand a
new FBI director, and Congress should demand the General
Accounting Office investigate the bureau's misconduct."

Dr. Horowitz, among a handful of infectious disease authorities
who openly criticized the CIA's illegal biological weapons
program involving anthrax in his national bestselling book,
Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola-Nature, Accident or
Intentional?, was the first to develop the theory that BMI and
the CIA may be acting on behalf of British profiteers in what
he says amounts to "military-industrial sabotage approaching
American economic genocide." His lengthy report on the case,
initially submitted to the FBI, is available from his
publisher's website at

In defending the FBI's position, the Washington Post reported
that the bureau only learned of a BMI-administered
CIA "defensive" biowarfare contract involving the Ames-strain
of anthrax in recent weeks. "The CIA program was [allegedly]
designed to develop defenses to a vaccine-resistant strain of
anthrax reportedly created by the former Soviet Union,"
officials defended. CIA spokespersons expressed certainty
that "the anthrax used in the mailings did not come from their

Taking the agency on its word, the powdered anthrax may not
have "come from their work," but their contractor's work, that
is, BMI.

Critics claim this CIA defense is deceptive for at least two
other reasons: 1) the Soviet Union's most potent anthrax was
only half as concentrated as this new CIA/Battelle creation;
and 2) it is an American/British-Ames, Iowa-strain prototype,
not a Soviet creation, and not resembling anything available to
Iraq or other countries favored by terrorists. This spoils the
excuse the powdered anthrax was produced for any form
of "defense," including vaccines.

"Vaccines are developed to help guard against pre-existing
threats," said Ingri Cassel, director of the national
Vaccination Liberation association-a consumer education and
advocacy group. "This anthrax powder was illegally prepared,
apparently for offensive military uses, sabotage, and even
terrorism. You simply don't develop a new hyper-weaponized
strain of anthrax powder for military defense, which implies
preventive vaccinations against old Soviet threats, and then
commission the top U.S. anthrax expert [William C. Patrick,
III] to report on this new weapon's capability and lethality
from mailed delivery, unless that's how you foresee it being
used," Ms. Cassel reasoned.

Many people are pondering the suspicious "Machiavellian-like"
targeting of the mass media and congressional Democrats
(liberals) befitting the phrase "the ends justifies the means."
Multi-million dollar vaccine contracts, fast-tracked drug
approvals, and frenzied consumer and legislative demand for
costly, risky, and largely ineffective vaccines, antibiotics,
and other high-priced preventives are the most obvious results
of the anthrax mailings. 

Referring to the unprecedented silica-based, electro-statically
charged, dry powdered form of hyper-concentrated anthrax sent
through the mail to members of the media and Senators Daschle
and Leahy, Dr. Horowitz concluded, "It was the only form of
anthrax that could be effectively spread, as it was, through
the U.S. mail with such far reaching effects. Therefore, the
primary suspects have been identified, their dubious histories
are well known, and their motives are clear. Any further effort
to impede this investigation places FBI director Mueller in the
position of an 'enemy national,' or a traitor to the American
people he is sworn to protect."

-end -

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