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Proof That Vaccinations Cause Learning Disabilities & Autism

      [This messages comes to you from Voices of Safety International,
Donald C. Meserlian, P.E., Chairman.  It is provided for our reader's
information and is not necessarily an endorsement by the FEAT
organization.  ]

      Children who receive all of the 22 vaccines and 35 vaccinations
currently recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) are 14
times more likely to become learning disabled and 8 times more likely to
become autistic compared with children who were never vaccinated!!
      This statement was contained in a Letter to the Editor published in
the Autism Research Review International (ARRI)
Vol. 15, No. 2, 2001 titled "Vaccination Standards."  Bernard Rimland, PhD
is the editor of ARRI and is a member of Voices of Safety International
(VOSI) a not-for-profit standards development organization that writes
standards that improve the safety and health of people, and the environment,
worldwide. www.voicesofsafety.com ....."About VOSI".
      To see the proof of the above shocking statistic see
www.voicesofsafety.com ... "Public Health", VOSI V50.2 Standard for Removing
Mercury from Vaccines, Banning the Triple Vaccines DPT and MMR and Providing
Freedom-of-Choice". ... click on "Review Standard" note that the FDA, CDC
and Dept. of Education required by law to reference this standard...click on
"View Research Report", where you can see the results of an approximately
1400 child study of children who had received "All", "Some" and "None" of
the AAP recommended vaccinations.
      VOSI is starting an "Activists" committee of people willing to e mail
the FDA, CDC and Dept. of Education to force them to review our facts and to
comply with the standard.. The National Technology Transfer & Advancement
Act of 1995 requires all levels of government to utilize approved consensus
standards whenever applicable. This is the law that needs activists to
reference whenever we send our standards to any government agency. VOSI will
notify all activists whenever our standards have been sent to the
      We would like a 500 member Activists Committee in order to force
government action. Send your name and email address to
      I am the father of a 36 year old high functioning autistic adult who
became autistic after receiving a DPT vaccination. I would like to prevent
the present catastrophic increase in autism which parallels the increase in
vaccinations (more mercury) and the introduction of the MMR vaccine. Please
help VOSI by joining our "Activists" committee. Do this for the future
children who will become vaccines damaged unless we force an industry
dominated government to start heeding people.
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