Autism - Present Challenges, Future Needs - Why the Increased Rates?

Opening Statement
Chairman Dan Burton

Panel 1
Autism - A Parent’s Perspective


Mr. Kenny Curtis,
Catonsville, Maryland

Mr. James Smythe,
Carmel, Indiana

Mrs. Shelly Reynolds,
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Mrs. Jeana Smith,
Denham Springs, Louisiana

Mr. Scott Bono,
Durham, North Carolina

Dr. Wayne M. Dankner,
San Diego, California

Panel 2
Autism - The Vaccine Connection

Dr. Andrew Wakefield, pdf
HTML (text only)

Royal Free and University College Medical School, London, England

Professor John O’Leary,
Coombe Women’s Hospital, Dublin, Ireland

Dr. Vijendra K. Singh,
Utah State University

Dr. Coleen A. Boyle,
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Dr. Paul A. Offit,
University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Brent Taylor,
Royal Free and University College Medical School, London, England

Panel 3
   Autism - Treatment Options and Research

Dr. Bernard Rimland,
Autism Research Institute,
San Diego, California


Dr. Michael Goldberg,
Director, NIDS Medical 
Advisory Board, 
Tarzana, California

Dr. Mary Megson,
Pediatric & Adolescent Abilities 
Center, Richmond, Virginia

Dr. John Upledger,
The Upledger Institute, Florida

Dr. Cathy L. Pratt,
Director, Indiana Resource for Autism

Dr. Deborah Hirtz,
National Institutes of Health

Dr. Edward Cook,
University of Chicago


Testimony, Research on Vaccines and Mercury Fr: Teresa Binstock

Letter by Boyd Haley, PhD, is in response to an article on the ADA web site by the ADA President (May 23, 2001)