Testimony re BCG vaccine (from Jeannie---Vaccination list 2000)

I am just now reading about this vaccine article you forwarded to us on the list 4/5/00. As you do not know me John, I am 48 and have a 6 1/2 yo son with autism brought on by the DTP vaccine and then followed by his total loss of language after the MMR at about 18 months of age.

This is the same BCG  vaccine that I was forced to have as a young person in Montreal, Quebec, Canada ( at about 14 or 15 years of age in the late 60's ) when my best friend and her mom developed TB.

After the first BCG vaccine was administered I was asked to wait a week or two and then have the skin test to make sure the vaccine "took".

Well...it did not. No antibodies.

So....a second BCG was done ( more scratches on my back ). This too produced no antibodies.

Ditto for the next time to follow. By then I was irritated about having to travel to the free health clinic and told my dad what was happening ( he was an MD ). He was also unaware of the whole procedure as the Canadian Government had required I do these and I was told to go there after the first time which he knew about without even parental supv or permission. Don't know why I didn't think this was weird but I suppose for the same reason I trusted the doctors for my son's vaccine years later.....pure stupidity.

When my dad found out I had had 3 of these vaccines he was furious and accompanied me down to the health clinic where he reamed out the staff and fellow doctors and told them they were practicing witchcraft and voodoo on his daughter. It was quite a scene in the waiting room full of hacking and sputum-coughing people. We never returned and no one ever called or wrote to us about it.

Shortly after  that time I started to have "anxiety attacks, very disjointed ,foggy thinking  and bouts of diarrhea" . The anxiety attacks themselves would produce this constant going to the bathroom reaction. And this lasted for another 13 years until one day I simply collapsed in downtown Houston on my way to the parking garage at work. By this time the occasional bouts of diarrhea had turned into chronic diarrhea.I was rushed to the doctors who DX me as having many diseases...six specialists saw me and all were confused. Did I have MS or MD or was it colitis or was it all in my head ? After all, I was just a woman. After having hoses and tubes stuck everywhere in my body for a myriad of  tests I was told to come back for further testing later that month. That's when two of the six specialists decided  I must have a valium deficiency (because they prescribed that for me as a cure for my woes ) .My boyfriend at the time got so very angry at that that when he took me out of the hospital , LOL, he threw out the valium scrip and started me on a new adventure .He was a nutritionist, BTW.

I suppose they figured this valium would help me not have to go to the bathroom 22 times a day.

My new boyfriend of just a few months said I was killing myself with what I ate. I craved all the starches and cheeses...so they were the first to get thrown out. he took better care of me than any doctors did.

This was in 1979.

After just a few minutes back in my home I was immediately wheat and dairy free ! I cried for 3 days at the loss of my french bread and brie cheese.

So I was virtually eating fish, meat and some veggies only which he bought at the local health food store and drinking only bottled water and eating rice cakes for fun , tee hee. Basically, your GFCF and yeast free diet for just under 3 months. He also started me lifting weights . The pressure of the weights against my joints was terribley relaxing and felt like my "Chakra" was all centered, if you get my drift.

In about 12 weeks I had lost 45 pounds of fat and water, but more than that I felt better than ever. My blood values all became normal, my lower and upper GI results were clean and from that day until today my bouts of diarrhea and the Leaky Gut never returned because I had cut out so many offending foods ...a diet which I still do today at least 2 months out of every year. I am on it now in fact and have been for 3 weeks.

I never put the vaccine and the "Leaky Gut"  together but I did so about a month or two ago actually when I was reminded of it by my friend from Montreal . I had actually totally forgotten about this multiple vaccine dosing .I believe my body was able to cure itself because the BCG at that time was the only vaccine I had ever received. My father refused to give me the oral polio vaccine until later when the IPV became available ( he has never been a big fan of innoculations against diseases ever since my BCG incident ).

I also am blood type O and not A as my son is. Perhaps I have a natural ability through it to heal better with this type than the A type does against such assaults on the system. Who knows !

As an adult I have practiced great care with my body through physical fitness and practicing extreme care in what I eat and continued after 1979 to work hard on my health so that I would never slip back into that foggy thinking and chronic illnesses ( including multiple strep throats annually and perennial Pneumonia too not to mention the Psoriasis ) that covered my life for so long.

What brought my memory back was the Brown Recluse spider bite I got  this year 3/3/00 and the subsequent very high doses of broad spectrum antibiotics I was forced to take for the first time in over 20 years to get rid of the toxins ( an enzyme secreted by the spider that essentially eats away your tissue from the inside out ).I know what you are thinking ,Phyllis, but I honestly feel I was meant to go this route. And here's why. I do not believe in coincineces.

This high dose of ABX produced the same psoriasis once again  -  from head to toe. I had forgotten all about it until this happened. When I recalled I had had this before I asked my mom when it occured and the time line was in synch with the vaccines and subsequent repeated illnesses for which I am positive I had to take repeated doses of ABX  .

I think I was meant to get this bite to jog my memory. Perhaps you , John , can use this case for autism research in the UK and I will be happy to get you any documentation you may need, if indeed there is any still to be found after 30 years.Plus I now live in the US and all my records are in Canada.

I am not autistic, but I did suffer for a long time with foggy thinking and many of  the illnesses related to autism . I was seizure free, however . I also had trouble understanding some abstract concepts and also related not at all to others feelings until well after my " coming out" of this fog, thanks to my ex boyfriend, Ron.

And I had some aggressive tendencies too back then if someone did something that wasn't quite what i expected or wanted . All that passed almost immediately upon removing these foods. Who knows what I could have done and how much quicker I could have done it if I had had homeopathy back in 1979 or better yet in 1966.

Anyway, that's my story and I wanted to thank you for prinitng it ,Phyllis and John for sending it to her as it verified my feelings about what may have screwed up my life for about 15 years . I thank God for Ron every day as he helped me so much . I don't know where he is anymore but he truly helped me to have a great life.

Again, thanks a lot.