The British Medical  Association (BMA)

[2011 July] An Elaborate Fraud, Part 4: News Analysis -- The British Medical Association Is “Standing Up for Doctors” Even If It Means Attacking Patients By Mark Blaxill

[2011 July] British Medical Journal Fraud Allegations – Truth Laid Bare – Summary Re Autism & Dr Wakefield  The BMA is a symbol of our morally and politically sick society.

[2010 Nov] The BMJ. The BMA's Propaganda Machine

"How could the BMA help Wellcome sell AZT? In 1987, the BMA set up the British Medical Association Foundation for AIDS. The Foundation was registered as a charity, and took offices with two staff members inside BMA House. In the early months of March 1988, Wellcome gave a covenant, amounting to 36,000 annually for four years and totalling 144,000, to the Foundation. This meant that at the very centre of the BMA, Wellcome had control of the information flow on AIDS and its treatment."--Martin Walker