Usenet May 2007, on the promotion of bottlefeeding


On Wed, 30 May 2007 15:32:28 -0600, Bryan Heit
<> wrote:

>Bottle feeding (by which I expect you mean formula) hasn't been promoted
>in decades.

as someone who has been in the birthing field for 12 years...I can
tell you with absolute certainty that it has absolutely been
promoted...everyday...for decades.

If you look at the WHO/Unicef code for marketing artificial baby milk
(a code which, BTW, we were the LAST country to sign) you will see
that we absolutely unequivically do not follow the code.

Everytime a hospital tells a mother whose baby is 26 hours old that
the baby "needs" formula because *fill in any reason*, that's
promoting formula feeding.
everytime a pediatrician tells a breastfeeding mom to give the baby
formula because the baby isn't gaining enough, that's promoting
formula feeding.
Everytime you turn on the television and see a carnation good start
commercial with "comfort proteins" - that's promoting formula feeding.
Everytime you see an item with a 'baby theme' (baby shower invitation,
L&D scrubs, etc) that have bottles as a symbol of a baby, that's
promoting formula feeding.
Everytime a mother is sent home from the hospital with a "diaper bag"
from Enfamil written all over it and with free formula samples, that's
promoting formula feeding.

to say that formula feeding hasn't been promoted in decades is
absolutely disgustingly false.  It may not be said "formula is best"
- they may say 'breast is best' - but that means little compared to
everything else that is done to promote formula and undermine

Stephanie Soderblom
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