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November 17, 2010: Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee Meeting Transcript

MS. BOYCE:  I just want to start by saying I have no conflict of interest.  In fact I sold all my Merck stock when I found out what it had done to my daughter.

I am here today because my daughter was harmed by the Gardasil vaccine.  My daughter was actually sterilized by the vaccine.

I donít have a medical degree but consider myself pretty well educated.  Iíve spent the past 2 years researching medical papers so I could understand why my daughter had such debilitating side effects post-Gardasil, and I read hundreds of medical papers from various sources.  There is a lot of misinformation out there about what causes HPV, in my opinion.

I presented information last September against the vaccine at a similar FDA meeting when you were considering extending the vaccine to boys and older women.  At that time I told the advisory panel that many of the Gardasil girls were showing symptoms of severe vitamin deficiencies, specifically niacin.  That in turn causes pyruvate kinase deficiency, something critical to the Krebs cycle.  For those of you in the audience here that donít know, the Krebs cycle is a vital function in the body that provides nutrients for new red blood cells, energy, and glucose, and repairs cell damage during periods of stress.

If the person has severe pyruvate kinase deficiencies, the person exhibits a myriad of symptoms and can never recover unless they take supplements.  If they donít get supplements, they continue to deteriorate.  That is what is happening with many of the Gardasil girls.  The symptoms are slightly different because of individual genetic makeup; however, all the side effects exhibited are caused by the same PK deficiency.

Unfortunately, since PK deficiency is a relatively new finding, only discovered in 1996, the majority of doctors have never heard of it.  I am certain they donít understand that the Gardasil vaccine would have catastrophic implications for these individuals.

Since PK deficiency or hemochromatosis is the most prevalent genetic trait in the United States, any individual having it would have a difficult time recovering from a vaccine.  But my daughter was never tested for this prior to vaccination, even though your charts show that you do not include people with those autoimmune disorders in your studies.

Does this mean that each person getting the Gardasil vaccine will actually get cancer from the vaccine if they have PK deficiency?  I donít know, but certainly there are those with genetic deficiencies that will have issues with it.

Already the May 2006 FDA VRBPAC reports that if a woman has HPV and receives Gardasil, her chances of getting cervical cancer increase by 44.6 percent after inoculation.  Is it just possible that HPV is caused by PK deficiencies?  I believe so.  Shouldnít patients be tested for the most prevalent genetic trait prior to vaccination if this vaccine would be so dangerous to them?  And what about the test studies?  Were individuals with PK studied, a predominantly Northern European trait included in the test studies?  Right now today you showed they were not.

In my opinion there were not parallel populations put in these studies, unless the study that was included from Costa Rica, they were expecting to market this vaccine to Hispanics, which I doubt, since itís the most expensive vaccine ever produced.

The Merck Manual clearly cites several types of PK deficiencies and even suggests that individuals with these inherited disorders would not be candidates for vaccines.  A few types of PK deficiencies I would specifically point out are G6PD, a traditionally Jewish trait, sickle cell anemia, and thalassemia.  There are many other names for the same deficiency, such as Celtic Curse, HH, HFE, mel(?) or iron overload, but they are all the same PK deficiency.

In fact most if not all of us have a slight form of PK deficiency because of several issues, including toxins in our environment, in our homes, excess minerals in our drinking water and foods, alcohol consumption, and a gamut of other factors, including stress and exercise.

I donít believe scientists developing this vaccine had access to all the information they should have.  I want to believe that they did not understand that PK deficiency is also environmentally caused.  Everyone here needs to understand that PK deficiency is no longer just a genetic trait.  The effect of a live vaccine like Gardasil has tremendous implications for all of us because we all have some form of this deficiency.  We will not be able to recover from this vaccine and, perhaps slowly, will continue to exhibit debilitating side effects post-vaccine.

In April 2008 the FDA sent a warning letter to Merck citing two lot numbers, X and U, that had extra yeast.  I believe these lots exacerbated the problems of the vaccine, and the side effects that normally would have taken years to show up became obvious almost immediately.  Some side effects that normally might have been mild have now exploded.  Today there have been 84 deaths and over 20,000 severe side effects documented in our government VAERS system, and now Gardasil makes up more than 65 percent of the entire VAERS database.  The vast number of side effects that have been reported are from lots X and U that have the extra yeast.

India has already outlawed this vaccine because of what they have seen post-vaccination.

Many of you are aware that there is currently a lawsuit in the Supreme Court that will decide on certain vaccines having design flaws.  Gardasil, in my opinion, should be considered one of those vaccines.

First, the test trials never had a true placebo but instead used an aluminum adjuvant as the placebo.  Second, the vaccine was marketed as a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer, and yet the HPV virus has never proven to positively cause cervical cancer.  I would strongly argue that it is caused by genetic and environmentally caused PK deficiency.  Third, the long-term side effects of polysorbates, which can also cross the blood-brain barrier, were never thoroughly explored.

There are many medical papers documenting fertility issues in mice that have been administered polysorbates, and yet the long-term implications of these were never tested.  Merck has come right out and said they do not know if fertility will be an issue for these vaccinated children in the future.  This is a critical issue.  Could Merck have known that this vaccine would cause fertility issues in women wanting to conceive in the future?

Last year I stumbled upon a World Intellectual Property Organization paper which discussed pyruvate kinase deficiency in animals.  This was many of the ďGod momentsĒ that Iíve had in the past 2 years since I found out my daughter was injured.  I know thatís not a popular stance to take in a government meeting, that Iíve had all these ďGod moments,Ē but let me tell you, it happens when you know your daughter is dying after a vaccine.

The paper I read talks about fertility impairment of cats and dogs.  The vaccine was administered in three doses over a 6-month period, and one of the main ingredients was polysorbates, also in Gardasil.  What was interesting about the paper was the animals with PK deficiencies did not sustain any sensation of menses post-vaccination -- very interesting and very scary, because it was exactly what I was seeing in my daughter post-Gardasil.

My daughter recently tested sterile at age 21, although she is still getting a relatively normal period.  Could it be that Merck intentionally developed this vaccine thinking it would affect a small number of individuals with PK deficiencies?  Is this what their intent was when they developed their recently approved fertility drug Aleva, which was just passed for European use?  I wonder if Merck and other big pharmas have intentionally taken advantage of genetic deficiencies.  I believe they have, and I believe this is what has happened many, many times over.  In fact todayís presentation by Dr. Garner clearly stated that DNA extractions were performed in their tests.

Imagine how a mother who wanted her daughter to have a vaccine would feel after learning all this information.  I was distraught knowing my daughter would likely be sterilized from the vaccine and it was my fault.  In my eyes, it seemed certain that my daughter had either a genetic or environmentally caused PK deficiency, since she had been exhibiting menopausal symptoms for several months and erratic periods, sometimes very heavy, usually coming every 2 weeks.  She complained of hair loss, experienced severe PMS symptoms and mood swings, and those were the more mild symptoms.

After recent tests my daughter had done, I can now positively confirm that my daughter tested post-menopausal as it relates to her hormone levels, with no family history of early menopause.  She is no longer ovulating and she has hormone levels of a 50-plus-year-old woman.  My worst nightmares have come true.

Because I am privy to information about the health of other girls through support groups that I am involved with -- two of them are  and -- I know there are many other girls who are also experiencing similar testing and their results are comparable to my daughterís.

I am grateful to God for guiding me to the Gardasil groups I belong to.  There are many Christians among this group.  Both are very large and have hundreds of members like me, desperately trying to stop the HPV vaccine and find answers to help their daughters.  The group, which is a spinoff of truthaboutgardasil Web site, now has 69 countries spanning the globe using their resources.

God made us all slightly different, and we all have subtle genetic imperfections.  That is what makes us unique.  Unfortunately, I believe unethical people in big pharma have figured out how to take advantage of these imperfections.  Thatís how theyíve made money in the past, and thatís how they intend to continue making money in the future, because they are beholden to their stockholders to bring in profits no matter what the cost, even if it means harming children to get their money. 

I must reiterate that I honestly doubt they took into account PK deficiencies were environmentally caused.  In my opinion, they didnít know the damage done would be so astronomical.  But so far they have taken no action to help those harmed.  When families call Merck trying to get help, they will not even return phone calls.  Doctors donít know how to correct the damage done and throw up their arms, saying the CDC and FDA say itís safe.  These cases seem so complex, but clearly this vaccine is not safe.

I am pretty certain doctors arenít even aware of the myriad of side effects they are saying are caused by PK deficiency.  Remember, itís relatively new, only discovered in 1996.  It is horrifying to see previously perfectly healthy children now having seizures, migraines, pneumonias, personality disorders, fatigue, menstrual issues, vomiting, diarrhea, and the list goes on, post-Gardasil.  This vaccine needs to be pulled immediately.  Over 20,000 families are now begging for help, and no one is answering their desperate pleas.

I am begging you, do not expand this vaccine until there are answers to the problems that have already arisen.  How many children will have to die because this vaccine was a mistake of crazy proportion?  How many will be sterilized?

Itís my duty to leave you with one last thought, another God moment I had.  St. Augustine prophesied that Christians will make their own demise because they do not spread the word of God.  He called it the Celtic Curse.  Go look it up on the Internet.  Itís the same as hemochromatosis or PK deficiency.  Another coincidence?  I donít think so.  Imagine if our entire world were vaccinated with Gardasil.  Will we all be sterilized?  The truth needs to be told.
Thank you.