Dear colonel and the others that will follow:

I am the mom of a vaccine injured child and yes, my emotions drive me each day. Each day I watch as my son goes through the day in pain and misery, my heart breaks. Each day I watch my son spend the entire day alone, it breaks all over again. Each day I have to watch my son hooked up to an IV for 8 hrs, my heart aches. These are the emotions that can destroy me.

The emotions that keep me going are anger and rage. I am outraged when I remember the doctor saying that the vaccine he was about to give my son was "very safe, nothing to worry about." I am enraged each time someone belittles what the vaccine injured are going through. There is no help out there, no support from anyone who told us the vaccines were safe. We get brief looks of sympathy from government officials and then nothing. Out of sight, out of mind.  My anger seethes when we are expected to loose everything, home, jobs, care for our injured loved ones. How would you like to be expendable? Can you imagine being given that label? Firefighters, police, soldiers, and others who take chances for others have a choice. The vaccine injured didn't. Vaccines are mandated. They're not treated very well, either. Basically, they're shoved aside.

You are not the first and probably will not be the last to try and point out the 'error of our ways'. Please don't until you've walked in our shoes for a day. Don't until you've given of yourself to someone whose been vaccine injured. Volunteer to help Tammy & Fred care for their severly injured 4 yr old for a day, or help Betty get to the therapist or help John pay for his IVIG or send an email to David whose only friends now are faceless on the internet or spend time with Heather who just buried her 4 1/2 month old daughter. There are a lot of vaccine injured out there, let us know you want to help, we'll find someone who'll welcome you.

As Sandy said, we've researched and looked at the info and documentation. That's what convinced me in the beginning. The pro-vaccine info really isn't documented well. The more I researched after our son became ill, the more I noticed that pro-vaccine info was vaguely documented and the "Other" side had done quite an exceptional job at documentation. Ask for the LONG TERM CLINICAL SAFETY studies. Ask for the raw data on some of the so-called studies such as the Harvard Nurses Study. Ask for the raw data on Taylor's study or the Rotovirus research or the Vaccine Safety Datalink. They won't give it to you. Some of us have uncovered stuff that would blow you away. We're not stupid, we've just had the real truth about vaccine shoved down our throats and we live with it each and every day.

You're finishing your formal training--training by the same establishment that we feel injured our children. That's our bias and yours. Ask the doctors that have been trained to believe in vaccination, given them for years and now see what has happened. They feel betrayed, too. We have lost faith in the white coats. We don't need a Phd in celluar biology to see the damage vaccine do, not just to our loved ones but to our society. We, too, care about our society, not just our own children. I am a special ed teacher. The ranks of the ADD, PDD and autistic are exploding. Just a coincidence?

By the way, there are people with titles who see things as we do. Dr. Bonnie Dunbar, Baylor University, Dr. Ron Kennedy, now at University of Texas, Dr. Bart Claussen, Dr. Burton Waisbren, Dr. Andrew Campbell, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Dr. Philip Inaco, Dr. V. Singh, etc, etc.

Thank you for caring enough to want to change our minds, but that's not the kind of help we need. Don't invalidate our pain by trying to tell us what we're doing wrong. If you really care, ASK US how you can help.
Sherry Wied,
David's Mom