Certain vaccines have been known to cause epilepsy for years

May 9th, 2010 | By Christina England


Over the recent months there have been several articles highlighting cases where children have had seizures after vaccines. This is being portrayed as something new. A sudden rise in children having seizures after the flu vaccine in Western Australia caused the vaccine to be suspended while an investigation took place. The HPV vaccine Gardasil, is another vaccine causing great concern, after many parents reported seizures after their children were vaccinated.

This week the focus has moved to the DPT vaccine.

Articles have been appearing in the headlines reporting that babies have experienced seizures after the DPT vaccine. A few examples are listed below.

Vaccine Triggers Early Start Of Infant Epilepsy

Vaccine linked to earlier onset of seizures

This is nothing new. Parents and doctors have been raising concerns regarding the DPT vaccine since the 1970′s. This original letter is from a concerned Prof of Neurology raising the issue in 1979 is a strong example.

D Neary M.D M.R.C.P – Consultant Lecturer of Neurology writes to the Department of Health in  February 1979 -

Dear Sirs

I have had an increasing number of patients bringing their epileptic children and asking whether the whooping cough vaccine played a part in their disorder. Could you give me as many details as possible about the present legal situation regards this group and the type of information they require in order to prove relationship between the vaccination and the disorder.

I would be most grateful if you could give this information.

D Neary M.D M.R.C.P

Consultant Lecturer of Neurology

This letter proves without a doubt that the DPT was a concern as far back as the 1970′s.

More evidence comes in the form of a single page from a report entitled VIEWS FROM THE ADVISORY PANEL advising the UK Government and stated:-

“However, from a careful scrutiny of the data, it was felt that 3 clinical patterns could be discerned.

  1. Chronic Epilepsy
  2. Acute Encephalopathy
  3. Infantile Spasms

Mental retardation followed in all but 3 of the 50 cases.

b) in children with chronic epilepsy and to the lesser extent , with acute encephalopathy, the timing of the reactions in relation to the immunisation was such that association seemed possible but the strength of the evidence varied from case to case and was more convincing in some than others. In the children with chronic epilepsy, for example, convulsions occurring shortly after each of two or three injections were particularly suggestive of a casual relationship.”

Again this report was from the 70′s.

A report entitled The Tainted History of the DPT by Harold Stearley portrays the full history of the DPT vaccine. Searley speaks open and honestly and asks a very important question :-

“There’s no question that DPT vaccinations save lives; they have lowered the annual pertussis deaths from about 1000 annually to less than ten. Unfortunately, as reported by the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), the form of the vaccine used and sanctioned by the Centers for Disease Control also kills as many as 900 children per year, and leaves one of every 62,000 children immunized with permanent brain damage. Are those acceptable risks?”

The answer to that question is categorically NO! I  feel that the question should not be ‘Are those acceptable risks’ because the are not, the real question should be, ‘how many parents are actually made aware of these risks before vaccination’?

In his report Searley mentions Prof Gordon T Stewart. Having interviewed Prof Stewart 4 years ago I know this professional has had his concerns ignored for many years. Prof Stewart is a gentleman who I met, aged 91 who was still campaigning and helping parents in fight their battle for justice after vaccine injury.

Searley says ;-

“In 1977, British researcher Dr. Gordon T. Stewart, of the Department of Community Medicine at the University of Glasgow, documented adverse reactions to DPT vaccine and evaluated the benefit to risk ratio for children in the United Kingdom. His research demonstrated that 1 of every 54,000 children receiving the vaccine suffered encephalopathy (brain disfunction) with rare instances of mental retardation ensuing. Other symptoms included fits of screaming, unresponsiveness, shock, vomiting, localized paralysis, and convulsions.

Of the 160 adverse cases he examined, 40 percent demonstrated hyperkinesis (increased muscle movements accompanying brain dysfunction), infantile spasms, flaccid paralysis, and partial or complete amentia (severe mental retardation).

He determined that adverse events were severely under-reported or overlooked, that no protection from the disease was demonstrable in infants, and that claims by official bodies that risks of whooping-cough exceeded those of vaccination were very questionable. He estimated the risk of transient brain damage and mental defect to occur in 1 out of every 10,000 vaccinated, and risk for permanent brain damage to occur in 1 out of every 20,000 to 60,000 vaccinated. ”

In fact Prof Stewart made countless attempts to make his feelings known over many years. Here is just one example of an enormous amount of letters he wrote over many years to the UK Government. This particular letter is to Mr P Allen, Secretary, Committee on Safety Medicine written in the 1980′s.

Professor Gordon
Stewart letter Page One.

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Professor Gordon Stewart
letter Page Two
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Professor Gordon
Stewart letter Page Three

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In fact our British Government clearly knew of the dangers, as this page from a report from Prof David Hull Advisory Group on Contra-Indications to Whooping Cough Vaccination proves.

Hull says :-

“It is generally accepted that immunisation against whooping cough may cause brain damage, the sequence being the immunising  procedure provokes a reaction, the reaction or the related fever causes a fit, the reaction of the fit if prolonged, damages the brain cells and that damage is sometime irreversible”

My argument is, these are the professionals we trust and yet here they are speaking in my opinion about vaccination causing brain damage which is ‘IRREVERSIBLE’ as if it is an everyday occurrence which should be perfectly acceptable. Prof Sir David Hull as he is now known, should try sitting opposite a parent facing this for real.