Detroit Mother Jailed for Weaning Daughter Off Risperdal


"Unless we put medical freedom into The Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship." Dr. Benjamin Rush, a signatory to the Declaration of Independence.

Two areas of medicine encapsulate abuses of the medical dictatorship that Dr. Rush warned against--in both cases, the majority of victims are children.

Case example:
Maryanne Godboldo, a 56-year old Detroit mother who sought help from a Children's Center for her 13-year old daughter who experienced an adverse reaction--in the form of sudden uncharacteristic behavior problems following a series of vaccinations--wound up in jail after a standoff with police.

The Center's treatment plan was a prescription for a controversial antipsychotic, Risperdal, which worsened her condition.

The mother sought another doctor who agreed that the drug should be withdrawn. Mrs. Godboldo, thereupon began to wean her daughter off the drug--which improved her condition.

But Child Protective Services intervened, ordering the mother to administer the dug as ordered by the Children's Center.

When the mother refused, she was threatened with loss of custody. A stand-off with police, resulting in her arrest, hit the news.

The Detroit News reports that "Godboldo's family and supporters, who gathered outside the court Sunday, said the woman has every right to make medical decisions for her daughter and that child welfare workers overstepped their authority. The unusual circumstances of the standoff attracted a large crowd of volunteers offering to help negotiate with
Godboldo, including ministers and community activists."

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Contact: Vera Hassner Sharav