[Humans are Frugivores, not Omnivores.  So the best diet would be Vegan, Raw food vegetarianism, and Natural Hygiene diets.  The dieting industry grows every year as it is based around money, and anything apart from man's true diet which would bust the racket. (See Obesity and Raw food and obesity, overweight.)  Making man an Omnivore feeds the illness and ignorance industry that the medical mafia run's on, as well as the The Vivisection Racket (See: Slaughterhouses.]

McDougall, John, M.D.

The Human "Omnivore": a mythological beast

John McArdle, Ph.D. and The VRG

Blood type diet

Natural Hygiene diet [See Natural Healers.]

All available scientific evidence indicates that humans are frugivorous apes.  Regardless of how large and arrogant our cultural egos are, and regardless of unsupportable religious dogma created by ignorant people who knew absolutely nothing of biochemistry, comparative anatomy, genetics, or science thousands of years ago, our physiology is that of a frugivorous ape."--Laurie Forti