The Famous Liver Flush
The Organs


Ingredients: 3 quarts of Apple Juice (must be natural; not a concentrate); 1 cup Olive Oil [virgin, cold pressed); 1 cup (not can) -- Classic Coke (at room temperature); Juice from one fresh lemon; Super Phos 30 [TM]

1. Mix 90 drops (one teaspoon) of SuperPhos 30 in a quart of apple juice. Drink one quart of apple juice with Super Phos 30 each day for three days. May be drunk at intervals throughout the day. Eat normally. This is not a fast. For diabetics or individuals who cannot tolerate much fruit juice, use pure water instead of apple juice. If you use water instead of apple juice, increase the amount of Super Phos 30 used to 40 drops in water, three times a day, For a total of 120 drops per day for three days.

2. On the fourth day, do not take the apple juice. Eat normally. After your last meal in the evening, wait 3 hours and then quickly drink down the following flush mixture: 1 cup of the olive oil + juice from 1 lemon + 1 cup of Classic Coke.

3. Immediately after drinking the mixture, lie down in bed on your right side for 30 minutes. No cheating. Set a timer. Draw your knees up to your chest (fetal position) or stretch out full length.

4. When 30 minutes are up you may resume normal activity.

5. Before you retire, take 1-2 tablespoon of Epsom salt [MgSO4] dissolved in 3 ounces of warm water, and repeat in the morning. If you wish to take herbals, you may use Fen LB, Herbal Toner or Indian Herbal Tea. You should begin having bowel movements in the morning and throughout the day.

6. To catch your stones, obtain a metal or plastic strainer and place in the toilet bowel. Flush the stool down with a pitcher of water after each bowel movement and collect the stones.