Flu vaccine reaction

I am fascinated to read this article, as I  became a victim of the flu
vaccine at the age of 38  in 1995 and ended up having cerebral surgery,
nursed on high dependency unit, and weeks off work (as a trained nurse).

I had a range of tests for weeks prior to being put on the emergency list
for exploratory Neuro surgery the very next morning.
 In all, five Consultants were involved in my case who all seemed to agree
that this was a grade two glioma!

Then jumping 18 months or so further on when I continued to make  a slow and
steady improvement my case was reviewed and I was very secretly told that
this in fact was "a misdiagnosis."

 I could never have had a glioma I was informed, but more likely to have had
a reaction to the flu vaccine which went on to cause Brain stem inflammation
affecting mainly the cerebellum!

 I was then advised by the Consultant Neurologist
" as one professional to another it wouldn't be wise to  influence any one
else with the decision of having the vaccine or not" ......as I had just
been so unlucky and possibly one in so many million who reacted to it.

 Basically keep quite and forget about it.

Thank you for the information  my symptoms were many and all of them were in
your list.

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