Gerson therapy quotes

In an evaluation of five-year survival rates of 153 melanoma patients. Here, 100% of Gerson therapy patients with Stage 1 & 2 cancers survived, but only 79% survive had conventional therapy. With Stage 3 cancers (regional metastases), the figures respectively were 70% and 41%; with Stage 4a (distant metastases), 39% with Gerson and 6% with conventional therapy survived. How Scientific are Orthodox Cancer Treatments? by Walter Last

"Here is a therapy which, despite its considerable drawbacks, can cure some of the most intractable medical conditions known to science. Yet the general public, many of whom will perish from cancer, and those charged with their medical care…have never heard of it!"—Dr Richards & Frank Hourigan.

"....the dietetic treatment was used in all other kinds of tuberculosis - bones, kidneys, eyes, lungs, and so forth. It too, was highly favorable in many other chronic diseases such as arthritis, heart disease, chronic sinusitis, chronic ulcers, including colitis, high blood pressure, psoriasis, sclerosis multiplex, and so forth. The most striking results were seen in the restoration of various kinds of liver and gall bladder diseases which could not be influenced by other methods up to the present. Dr. Gerson's Suppressed 1946 Congressional Testimony

"It is well established that a properly conducted Gerson therapy will rescue 50% of terminal patients.  Gerson was curing 50% terminal cancers, and 100% stage 1 and 2 cancers."-- Frank Hourigan.

"In their official handout for public inquiries regarding the Gerson Therapy for cancer, the National Cancer Institute (NCI), a division of the U.S. Public Health Service, brazenly misinforms the public. Dr. Gerson’s methods were reviewed on a number of occasions; in no case was any evidence of effectiveness against cancer observed, NCI states. As a result, the Gerson method, which prescribes high amounts of carrot and apple juice, a vegetarian diet, and coffee enemas, is not considered to be an effective means of cancer treatment and no further evaluation is necessary.

However, if NCI were to keep up with new medical developments, they would realize how out of touch they have become with true clinical efficacy. A recent retrospective British study of the 5-year survival rates of 153 melanoma patients treated with the Gerson method instead of surgery, shows a high degree of success.

Patients with localized melanoma (stage I and II skin cancer) had a 100% survival rate with Gerson compared to 79% for conventional treatment. For patients with "regional spread melanoma" (stage III), the Gerson survival rate was 71% compared to 39%; and for "superficial distant spread" (stage IVA), Gerson scored 39% compared to 6% for orthodox methods." International Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine:

"While writing the story of Gerson, I couldn’t help feeling it was too shocking to believe. The friends with whom I discussed it became almost angry in their denial that anything of the sort could happen in this day and age. It developed that we were all na´ve…there had been dozens of lone scientists…who had been stamped out of existence and driven to spending their last days in solitude and bitterness."—S.J. Haught (Dr. Max Gerson, Censured for Curing Cancer).

"On two occasions Gerson became violently ill...Lab tests showed...arsenic in his urine.  Some of Gerson's best case histories mysteriously disappeared from his files...Gerson was invited on a talk show by host Long John Nebel...Nebel was fired the very next day and the radio network was threatened by the AMA."--Norman Fritz.