Heilkunst doesn't rest on blind belief, but anyone can look into the principles it teaches and see if they are sound.

I was treated by a classical homeopath for 10 years, because I knew there was some kernel of truth there, but the classical system just wasn't working.  The important thing is to look at the principles behind the method. Any method can make claims, but are the principles they're using grounded in laws of nature.  If so, are they a complete set of principles that accounts for all aspects of curing and healing.

The classicists got the notion that you had to use just remedy at a time, based on symptoms, and it just doesn't hold up according to the way nature cures. Mostly they studied followers of Hahnemann and not Hahnemann's original text, with poor translations, and missed a large part of what he was teaching.

Heilkunst is grounded in very precise scholarship, and the texts are all available for anyone to study.  I was able to learn enough about it in a short time in order to satisfy my mind that this was the right thing to pursue therapeutically. Then I went on to study it more at length.

I'll put some links in to Heilkunst, and if Don's thinks he is OK then that's good enough for me.  Do you treat vaccine injured children?  Meaning the obvious ones.

I'm not qualified to treat those kinds of chronic conditions myself, as I've only trained so far to a certain level. But Heilkunst does treat vaccine injured children, many of them. They are making remarkable recoveries. The book Autism: the Journey Back, by Rudi Verspoor covers this well, explains how Heilkunst works to reverse vaccine damage. The HCH clinic website at www.homeopathy.com/clinic  also has articles explaining that.

Actually Heilkunst treats any conceivable condition, because it understands all the causes of disease that give rise to a myriad of conditions. Toxicity and trauma of vaccination is certainly one of them.

I was very impressed with the Elmiger book, for its rarity value if anything, and an MD.  Is he Heilkunst?

Heilkunst is really the whole system that Hahnemann developed back at the turn of the 19th century, but when he died his research was suggesting certain directions.. and Elmiger took the research in those directions. Just like the way that Don furthered Reich's work with orgonite.

Elmiger's particular contribution was the sequential approach to treatment. He calls his method Sequential Homeopathy, not Heilkunst. (I think he practices in France now, www.jelmiger.com ). Rudi studied Elmiger's work and brought the sequential method to North America where he developed modern Heilkunst (with Steven Decker).

By the way, the Heilkunst practitioners aren't MD's, but they're Doctors of Heilkunst and Homeopathy, meaning they have a 4-year doctoral training which includes anatomy and physiology, but all from the Dynamic perspective.

Whatever you choose to do with this info is fine with me :).  I'm just following the path of truth as I see it, sharing what I know when it's appropriate to do that, respecting others' discernment even if they disagree.