Heptavax vaccine --lymphomatoid papulomatosis--Fibromyalgia
My health problems began after receiving the Heptavax vaccine in 1986, after which I developed a rare disorder called lymphomatoid papulomatosis. I was put on 2 grams of Erythromycin daily for 30 days after I was diagnosed (which took 4 months). I had a period of relative health until January 1990 when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. http://curezone.com/forums/m.asp?f=659&i=229
This is my first time posting on Curezone, although I have been a member for several years.

My background is extensive in regards to Alternative and Complimentary of Natural and Traditional health treatments as well as conventional medical therapies.

I have been a Registered Nurse in Canada since 1985, my area of specialty being Emergency/Intensive Care. I am also a Chartered Herbalist since 2004.

In 1990 I took a medical leave from work with a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. My health problems began after receiving the Heptavax vaccine in 1986, after which I developed a rare disorder called lymphomatoid papulomatosis. I was put on 2 grams of Erythromycin daily for 30 days after I was diagnosed (which took 4 months). I had a period of relative health until January 1990 when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

During the period 1990-present, I have studied alternative therapies exclusively, with the exception of vaccinations and their related horrors, as a means to find a cure for my fibromyalgia. It took 4 years of hard work, fasting, liver cleanses, colon therapy, oxygen therapy, dietary changes, attitude changes and other lifestyle changes to gain my health back.

I have continued to study intensely to this day. I have travelled, worked with other medical doctors, naturopaths, accupuncturists. chiropractors, herbalists, massage therapists, faith healers, chelation therapists, energy workers, color therapists, colon therapists, and many others too numerous to mention, with the ultimate discovery being OXYGEN THERAPY. In the area of oxygen therapy I have worked and studied the most. I am familiar with and have acquired the skills to apply almost all forms of oxygen therapy: IV ozone (direct or mixed with IV solution or blood), ozone inhalations, ozone saunas, ozone insufflation during colon therapy or regular insufflations, ozone injections into surface tumours, homozon therapy, H202 therapy (IV, oral, topical), IV vitamin infusions, colemas, castor oil pack applications, hot/cold applications, massage, reflexology, energy balancing, dietary consultation, detoxification, fasting, urine therapy, life crystals, liver/gallbladder cleansing and many other forms of healing work, including the skill and updated knowledge to continue practicing as a Registered Nurse in an emergency setting, while working on an Advanced Practice degree in Emergency Care. I am also currently certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support.

My reasons for detailing this information for this forum is to provide the readers with some indication that I may actually be qualified to comment on the book by Kevin Trudeau.

I have first hand experience as a patient and practitioner, of what it's like to have your life devastated by conventional medical modalities. Many physicians have come to rely almost completely on the pharmaceutical industry to govern the practice of medicine, much to the detriment of the patient. Many conventional physicians have lost the art of physical assessment and diagnosis, and have come to rely too heavily on excessive diagnostic testing, pharmaceutical prescribing and surgical intervention, all of which can be significantly more detrimental to patients than natural, non-invasive simple remedies.

I am very aware of the dilemmas people are facing when they agree to succumb to conventional medical therapies as their ONLY option for managing health problems.

All I can say is that I fully support and believe, that in the best interests of the public health, people need to stop relying on conventional medical doctors and public health nurses for treatment. You are treading a dangerous path if you give up what NEEDS TO BE your PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY in managing your health care.

By personal responsibility I mean:

- stop engaging in risky lifestyle behaviours (if you know that's what
you're doing)
- when you want to learn about something, you generally read, ask
questions, take a course, etc. - learn about how the human body
works - you would do the same for your car, lawnmower, computer...
- do your own research; read for yourself; don't rely on someone
else to get the information for you
- use your doctor, rather than letting him use you (after researching
your problem you'll know what tests to ask for, testing can help to
diagnose your problem, examination by a physician may help to diagnose
your problem, some prescriptions may be necessary but should only be
used as a last resort [unless your condition is life threatening]
- when you have a reasonable diagnosis - do more research; try to find
the CAUSE of the problem, don't just treat the symptoms; everytime
you treat just the symptoms, you push the DIS-EASE deeper into the
the body tissues allowing it to return one day and haunt you again

Kevin Trudeau's book could have been written by just about any number of us who have known for many years now, what he has just published. I can say without any doubt, Kevin has hit the ugly nail on the head. His book could have been better, because it doesn't really provide solutions as much as it provides information about the whole ugly mess the practice of medicine has fallen into in regards to the excessive uses and misapplications of pharmaceutical intervention for the suppression of symptoms and treatment of disease.

As a population we need to take personal responsibility for the state of the public health. We have all too willingly and for far too long, handed over our personal responsibility for our health (any many other aspects of our lives) to conventional doctors and their spin monkeys in the pharmaceutical industry who have managed to imprison the populations of the world with widespread health destruction in the name of profit. We need to call upon our physicians to take the practice of medicine back from the profit mongers in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Why do we trust these people to fix health problems in us, which have come about as a result of poor lifestyle choices we have made based on information we were given, and believed, without researching for ourselves?

How's about a body owner's maintenance manual? Do you have one?

After reading Kevin's book, and with the experience and knowledge I have I can say that it could help many people - it could help to wake them up to the many truths Kevin talks about in his book. However, some of the information contained in the book, if applied, without consultation or supervision of a qualified health care practitioner or group of practitioner's, could result in harm.

Pharmaceutical drugs have many side effects and the numbers of unnecessary surgeries conducted every year is now astronomical. As more time goes by, the evidence is considerable that alternatives need to be found. There is such a large body of evidence available on natural and traditional solutions people can use to solve many of their health problems, that it's time we took responsibility for our bodies back and learned more how we can each help ourselves. As a human, with the capacity to learn and remember, we all owe it to ourselves to learn as much as we can to empower us to live healthier lives.

Character assassination is all too often the tool used to discredit the truth. Having been on both sides of the fence and having had my character and credentials assassinated by public health officials in the past, I urge you to consider that most everything in Kevin's book is true - and it's ugly. Experience and indepth research, study and practice have been my teachers.