Homeopathy testimony

Thanks Lisa for sharing this........

I am interested in your Intro Homeopathy class. I'm not sure if it's for
me or not. I have been using homeopathy and herbal remedies with great
success for 7+ years now. My first opportunity to experience the amazing
results of a single remedy was during my first labor. My midwife used a
remedy to turn the asynclyctic head of my now 7 yr. old. His head was
stuck against my pelvis for a long time as I was pushed with all my
might and made no progress. By the time she realized what was happening
he had already bruised his head. She gave me Pulsatilla and his head
turned within minutes & he was in proper position for delivery. He did
come out with a quarter sized bruise that showed us just how he'd been
stuck. I still refused the Vit K injection along with every other
vaccine and he has grown into a strong healthy boy. With an OB I would
have been under the knife, no questions asked!

My family has seen the
benefits time and time again from actute childhood illnesses to severe
emergencies where homeopathy has saved us from ER visits. I even
recently cured a dental abscess with homeopathy in my 3 yr. old's mouth
after he bashed in his front teeth and suffered from pulpitis. Having
worked in Dentistry for 12 yrs. and being a Dental Hygienist (Bachelor
of Science) did help with knowing what changes to look for. However, I
have never taken any of my children to the dentist because I've become
so opposed to the unnecessary routine, even dangerous procedures.

cured difficult clogged tear ducts in 2 of our newborns and homeopathy
recently saved my life when I suffered a frightening hemorrhage during a
miscarriage this past spring. I collapsed onto the floor and was fading
in and out of consciousness. I feared I was going to die. My husband got
me onto the bed and if it had not been for my knowledge of homeopathy
and having read Miranda Castro's homeopathy for pregnancy/childbirth
book over the years I would not have been able to know which remedy was
right in these extreme circumstances. Within 5 min. after taking the
remedy the bleeding slowed and I felt the energy return to my body. I
have many more success stories, but I just wanted to give you an idea of
where I'm at.

Lisa in DE