Homeopathy & Vaccination--Media stories

[media Feb 2002] Parents worried about the MMR triple vaccination are turning to homoeopathy to treat their children

[Media dec 2001] Cherie health guru who believes MMR jab is unnecessary

[Media 1 July 2001] Parents warned on 'natural' jabs

[Media FEb 2000] Return of the measles parties

[Media] WHEN JABS GO WRONG (Homeopathy for vaccine damage)

Allopath propaganda [Propaganda articles (medical)]
[2013 Feb] As the Chief Medical Officer says the NHS shouldn't waste money on it, a fellow sceptic says... Cheers! Why you're far better off with a stiff G&T than homeopathy

[2013 Feb] Homeopathy charity run by Charles 'cowed civil servants' into supporting the therapy

[Feb 2008] How royalty and junk science made quackery credible