Jon Rappoport comments: Targeting pregnant women for toxic drugs

April 18. Yesterday's LA Times relayed new CDC plans to expand the use of toxic AIDS drugs like AZT.

"The new strategy by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention specifically urges the [HIV] testing of all pregnant women, rather than relying upon them to volunteer."

Of course, the follow-up would be: "Mrs. Jones, you're positive and we want to give you AZT right now, to protect your baby."

AZT attacks all cells. That is its mission. It is a failed chemo drug that was put on the shelf at the National Cancer Institute in the early 1960s, and brought back in 1986 as a "desperate remedy" for AIDS patients.

This new move by the CDC carries some political teeth. The implied threat to state and local governments is, if they don't institute this compulsory HIV testing of all pregnant women, federal funding for their AIDS programs will be cut off.

So. If you've been reading this site for very long, and especially if you're a premium content member, you know I have offered proof after proof that HIV is a germ that does nothing to harm anyone.

On the basis of a positive test for a virus that does no harm, more and more pregnant women will be dosed with a drug that is very, very toxic.

Not only that, but as recent investigations in South Africa have shown, pregnancy itself is a condition that can cause the HIV test to read falsely positive.

If THAT doesn't constitute targeting a specific population for killer drugs, I don't know what does.

What we are seeing here is the CREATION of a so-called "high-risk group." Pregnant women.

I assure you, the entire machinery of the AIDS research establishment and the AIDS fund-raising establishment is behind this new proposal to test all pregnant women.