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There was recently a "serious outbreak" (to quote the words of a local doctor) of measles in a town adjacent to where I live. This "serious outbreak" involved 2 children who made full recoveries with no serious effects whatsoever. Nevertheless, this didn't stop the local health workers contacting all the parents of non combined MMR immunised children, warning them of the impending doom. Although I wasn't contacted by the health workers, I was contacted by a couple of mothers who had been so pressurised that they agreed to allow their 2 year olds to be immunised with the combined MMR. Predictably, their children fell ill within 11 days of the jab and phoned me in utter panic. They had contacted the surgery, but had been fobbed off by the receptionist who said the nurse would phone back. Of course, the nurse never did phone back. So they contacted me instead.

I reassured them. I told them that it was probably the combined MMR jab, it's a common side effect and the vast majority of children are ill for 48 hours before making a full recovery. It's only the unlucky few like my relative who become permanently ill. I was on the phone to them for about 30 minutes. In that time, I managed to extract the information given to them by the health workers.

I also managed to find out which 2 children had caught Measles. And guess what? Yes, both children who had caught measles had been immunised with the combined MMR at 13 months. Did the health workers inform the 2 mothers who contacted me of this fact? No. But it didn't stop them using these cases to frighten the mothers into allowing their children to be immunised with the combined MMR. Utterly disgraceful. And they called themselves "professionals".