If I could turn back the hands of time---Lynn
Sat Jan 29 14:07:52 2000

In june of 1992 I took the hepitatis-b vaccination (one ) in a series of (three) within no time .. a week maybe I felt as if I had a bout of a flu just like they told me may happen.. But then it went away sort of . Different symptoms came and went horrible headaches , dizzy spells, my eyes hurt and I would have fatigue. I went to my doctor and told him how I felt and wondered if it could have been from the shot he said he would get back to me .. he never did finally it was time for the second shot but when I went in to receive it I was informed maybe it would be better just to forget having anymore shots. Little did I know the hell I would go through . Every couple of months fatigue headaches blurry vision and dizzy spells they would last weeks and evenually months . I fels like a 75 year old woman in a 39 worn out body.. I did not however connect these symptoms to the vaccination until 6 years later when I was unable to continue on daily life my face hurt constantly I was dizzy angry tired and all sort of terrible feelings . I went to my dentist and told him to pull out all my teeth I could no longer stand the pain and he said its not your teeth but you have been complaining of facial pain for years and suggested I see a neurologist. I was stuned I held my face as I left and couldnt believe he was not going to help me.. That was 2 years ago and thank God he did not pull my teeth because the was right I was diagnoinse with trigeminal neuralgia put on medecine and today I feel like a 20 year old pain free woman. I was able to trace my pain back to the week I had that hepititas -b vaccination (Its hart to forget something like a horse hitting you in the face) thats the best way to describe the pain in the face. But as I stated above the longer time marched on and the strange symptoms came back I just never put 2 and 2 together until that dentist reminded me I had come runing to him complaining of pain.. I pray on a daily basis that pain will never come back and I pray anyone who is suffering like I did gets help. One other thing I find strange . The pain medecine I take to be pain free and will have to take for the rest of my life is also the manufactued from the same people who distributed the hepatitis - b vaccine.. If only I could turn back the hands of time.

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