Mercury in Medicine – Are We Taking Unnecessary Risks?

June 18, 2000

Chairman Dan Burton's Open

Panel I


Ms. Lyn Redwood
Tyrone, Georgia

Ms. Sallie Bernard
Cranford, New Jersey

Ms.Elizabeth Birt
Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Stephanie Cave
Baton Rouge, Louisana

Dr. H. Vasken Aposhien
Professor of Molecular and Cellular
Biology, and pharmacology,
University of Arizona

Dr. Sharon Humiston
Pittsford, New York

Panel II

Ms. Ramona Trovato
Director, Office of Children's Health
Protection, Environmental Protection

Dr. William Egan
Acting Office Director,
Office of Vaccine Research
and Review, Center for
Biologics Evaluation and
Research (CBER) of FDA

Dr. Roger H. Bernier
Associate Director for Science at the
National Immunization Program,
Centers for Disease Control and 

Dr. Marie Bristol-Power
National Institute of Health and
Human Development, National
Institute of Health