[June 2007. Letter to Scientific American by Clifford G. Miller] Vaccine Omnibus Non Science From (Un)Scientific American

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Dear Editor,

In what would be hilarious non science if not so serious, the journal "Scientific American" is intent on inventing its own science to dismiss the claims filed by 4,800 US children over vaccine damage.  In the tradition of true junk tabloid journalism according to (Un)Scientific American, the only thing their parents have supporting the cases is the fact that "getting a shot can be upsetting, and children are vaccinated at an age when autism and related disorders are often first diagnosed."

When reading for my degree in physics at Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London, England the journal Scientific American was the main scientific journal we undergraduates were recommended to read.  However, that was when the journal had been relaunched many years ago.  Those responsible then, Miller, Piel and Flanagan, are all dead.  It looks like I need to pass on the sad news to my college buddies and teachers and suggest they cancel their subscriptions. 

See the links below to see some truly scientifically excruciatingly embarrassing garbage science journalism from the (Un)Scientific American on the US Omnibus Vaccine damage claims starting today:-
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According to the (Un)Scientific American's non science the US "special court will pit scientists against activists".  Of course this has nothing to do with child health safety and clearly all parents of any children seriously injured for life by unsafe vaccines are all merely "activists".  It of course has nothing to do with seeking redress for their damaged children and getting acknowledgement of what caused the harm to their children.   Clearly, no parent is ever interested in that or child health safety.  These people are just idle parents who when not caring 24/7 for seriously injured kids and working hard to find the cash for their medical treatment are "activists" with nothing better to do with the rest of their time than mess around in the US Courts for pleasure and recreation.  Aren't they so lucky.
Health and Science Editor Maggie Fox relies on vaccine patent holder and well-known publisher of medico-scientific bunk about vaccines, Dr Paul Offit of the Children's Hospital of Philadephia, to assure us with twaddle having no basis in fact such as "many studies show that children who have been vaccinated are no more likely to develop autism than children who have not been vaccinated."  Offit's claims are notorious junk science.  This applies particularly to his bizarre claims that measles will kill 3000 per annum when in the UK if no vaccines were used the chance of just one person dying of measles is less than 1 in 55 million and falling year-on-year.  It is 30-60 times more likely to be struck down by a bolt of lightning (depending on rainfall).  Aren't the other doctors at the Children's Hospital of Philadephia embarrassed enough by this guy yet?  Offit has a conflict of interest a mile wide.  If the claims succeed then as a member of the committee that recommends vaccines in the USA, his position becomes more uncomfortable than it already is.  No wonder the media juggernaut is pitted against little kids. 
In the June 8 article (Un)Scientific American tells us that Offit had cleared vaccines of any link to autism.  Well that's OK then.  After finishing up at the Vaccine Court, they can all go have a nice picnic and play some more, safe in the knowledge their health is in the hands of Dr Offit and his medical colleagues. 


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