Vaccine safety is subjective science
23 January 2001
 A.A. Jillani,
 Associate Director
 People Advocating Vaccine Education

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 subjective science

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    Dear Editors:

    The Finnish study (1) is a textbook example
of adding insult to injury. The mathematics of
retrospectively using obviously flawed and
grossly underreported Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR)
data to come up with a definitive answer on MMR
vaccine safety is nothing short of statistical
wizardry. In what other branch of science would
we tolerate such blatant subjectivity and less
than 10% accuracy? Let us imagine applying this
level of "science" to the safety of vehicles,
aircraft, elevators, bridges and buildings. Now
let us also imagine the manufacturers of these
products financing these safety studies.

                     A.A. Jillani

 1. Wise J. Finnish study confirms safety of MMR
vaccine. BMJ 2001; 322: 130.

 Concerned parent. No competing interests.