MMR Debate: Mothers' Stories

      The controversy over the measles mumps and rubella vaccine shows no
sign of abating. BBC News Online talks to two mothers on opposite sides of
the argument. Vivian McKelvey, believes her son Alec developed autism and
bowel disease from the MMR jab: Vivian McKelvey can look back at videos of
her son Alec, now eight, who was a normal, happy child developing normally.
She said: "He was very social before the jab and in excellent health. We are
doing the best we can but I wish he had never had that vaccine."
      Vivian McKelvey

      "Afterwards, his personality changed and he was frequently ill." Alec
is now doing well, and attends a normal school. I would do anything to
reduce ... the absolutely proven risk ... that the rubella virus definitely
      Jane Mulholland