MMR vaccines timeline (UK)

Until 14 September 1992 there were three types of MMR vaccine available:

IMMRAVAX Manufactured by Merieux UK Ltd
PLUSERIX-MMR Manufactured by Smith Kline Beecham
MMR II Manufactured by Merck Sharp and Dohme and distributed by Wellcome (On recent data sheets this product is now shown as being distributed by Pasteur Merieux MSD Ltd)

Pluserix-MMR and Immravax vaccines contain the Urabe strain of mumps vaccine virus whereas the MMR II vaccine contains the Jeryll Lynn strain of mumps vaccine virus.

Sept 1992:
On 14 September 1992 the Chief Medical Officer announced that there were to be "changes in the supply of vaccine" and that from that date onwards only MMR II would be available.

In the autumn of 1994 the Government feared an epidemic of measles and so a decision was made to vaccinate all children between the ages of 5 and 16 with the Measles/Rubella vaccine.

The two brands of MR Vaccine which were used in the schools campaign were produced by the same manufacturers as the two brands of withdrawn MMR vaccine:

Measles Rubella Vaccine Live Pasteur Manufactured by Merieux UK Ltd
Eolarix Manufactured by Smith Kline Beecham

As far as is known the active constituents of these two vaccines are exactly the same as those in the withdrawn MMR vaccines except that the mumps component has been removed.

In 1997 a new version of MMR was introduced called Priorix manufactured by Smith Kline Beecham.