Leading Edge Master Analysis of the Vaccination Paradigm



Some Things to Ponder

A few interesting facts and questions to ponder: much of the oral polio
vaccine (OPV) produced in the world is prepared using ground up kidney
cells from African green monkeys, at least for the last 30 years. It was
Albert Sabin himself who detected the SV-40 virus in polio vaccine. Why did
he cover it up? The very first mass oral polio vaccination campaign took
place in Ruwanda and parts of the northeastern Belgian Congo (Zaire) from
1957-1958. Over 250,000 were given the oral vaccine. Today, this area is
rampant with AIDS. This same OPV, produced by Wistar Institute in
Philadelphia, was used in Leopoldville (now known as Kinshasha, Zaire, site
of the earliest HIV sample), capital of the Belgian Congo. Interestingly,
Zaire was also the site of the 1995 outbreak of Ebola. Ruwanda was the site
of the mass murder and genocide perpetrated by the mentally aberrant
Tutsi's on the Hutu tribe, resulting in the death of 250,000 people, hacked
to death and dismembered, in 1994. Could the aggression have been created
by generations of virus-laden experimental vaccines producing post
encephalitic problems? In 1967, 31 vaccine technicians and laboratory
workers contracted Marburg virus after working with tissue from African
green monkeys, which also contains simian virus 40 (SV-40) and other toxic
organisms too expensive to screen out, such as simian herpes (B virus). It
might be mentioned that SV-40 has been linked to leukemias and degenerative
brain disease. Yellow fever vaccine is grown on chicken embryos
contaminated with avian leukosis virus, a retrovirus causing cancer in
chickens. In 1986, the World Health Organization (WHO) advised that it was
permissible for the vaccine to continue to contain avian leukosis, since it
was difficult to obtain leukosis-free chicken embryos. In the August 20,
1987 issue of Nature, page 660, a new leprosy vaccine made from armadillos
was described, in addition to the fact that the vaccine also contained
"foreign proteins, DNA and unknown retroviruses that may produce delayed
harmful effects."

The Bottom Line on the Bottom Paradigm

When you taken into consideration the fact that many viruses, including
cytomegloviruses (CMV) are parasites of virtually every animal species, and
a major feature of CMV parasitism and many animal viruses is the latent
state in which they exist after the primary infection is resolved, and that
they can be reactivated in the body (in vivo) under the influence of
various stimuli (primary examples being environmental chemicals (especially
those derived from petroleum), heroin, cocaine, nitrates, nitrites and
inhalant drugs of abuse, or other vaccine injections of foreign proteins,
toxins, bacteria or viruses), the use of animal cell lines to make human
vaccines is criminally negligent, never mind the fact that injection of
foreign proteins and toxins directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the
natural defense systems of the body is also criminally negligent. The
evidence suggests that a methodical system has existed for knowingly and
selectively transferring slow and difficult-to-detect diseases from other
species into the human race. As a method for population control, to weed
out those considered to be "useless eaters"? To produce disease and then
profit from treatment which is just as deadly as the disease? You decide.
Isn't it interesting that Burroughs Wellcome company in England is the
source for both immune-system-destroying amyl nitrate "poppers", used in
bath houses by homosexuals and promoted as "air fresheners" by media
magazines, and the preferred "AIDS treatment" AZT, which is a deadly
cellular toxin and also destroys both the immune system and the human being

It is interesting to note, therefore, that since humans have been receiving
animal viruses in vaccines, and viruses (including CMV) are present in
immune deficiency syndrome ("aids") in humans, and known animal viruses and
viral components are oncogenic (cancer-causing), and can cause all the
"symptoms" of AIDS, and this has been going on since the 1940's (when polio
vaccine cell cultures were first contaminated with simian virus 40 (used as
a genetic carrier in all genetic biotech products having viral particle
components), and this was well known in the medical field but suppressed
from public knowledge, and ultimately the same people who politically
control the pharmaceutical, biotech and vaccine companies also control the
medical establishment, as well as benefit from fund-raising (i.e., American
Cancer Society ,etc.) for "diseases" that never get resolved, you have a
very large conspiracy that is worth trillions of dollars to keep from
public scrutiny. That's the real bottom line. Research bears all of this
out. You are now informed, and if you don't believe that something of this
magnitude can be possible, do the research and you'll see that it is
absolutely the case. If you comment on this without checking it out, which
might involve a little work, there is nothing credible you can say. I
haven't been putting in over 80 hours of research a week for more than a
year for nothing in order to put this together.What is being done to the
world population constitutes criminal negligence of genocidal proportions.
Creating a clean biologically harmless, yet effective vaccine is not
possible - it would be just too laborious and expensive, over and above the
fact that the paradigm of vaccines is 19th century technology brought into
a 20th century illusion. It is also fraud.

The incidence of polio as a rampant plague increased 400 percent, according
to Dr. William Koch, after the process of injection with serums, vaccines
and penicillin in the 1950's. In addition, the further sociological
encouragement of the spread of the disease was found by several medical
researchers to parallel the mass marketing of sugar-related products for
consumption. Sugar is extremely bad for the body, and prepared the bodies
to function as more efficient breeding grounds for the polio epidemic soon
to arrive. This was brought out briefly in 1948 by Dr.Sandler at a
Veteran's Administration Hospital in North Carolina; release of this
information was curtailed after its initial announcement brought down the
incidence of polio in North Carolina by 90%. Afterwards, people resumed
their previous habits and the incidence skyrocketed. Sandler was censured

Between 1977 and 1980, an article came out in a major medical journal that
detailed the effort to raise $10 million in funding for internal pressure
on the Surgeon General of the United States in order to stop him from
revealing to by public, by virtue of package labeling, that the combination
of salt and sugar in virtually all pre-prepared foods cause replicative and
structural failure in DNA and RNA within the human body. Since the rate at
which DNA and RNA balance is maintained in the body is slightly higher than
the rate at which the DNA and RNA are being ripped apart in consumers, the
cause of conditions resulting from this are not immediately obvious to the
public. This information to the public was also curtailed; this was never
corrected, since the medical system was reaping large profits in "polio
dollars", along with the tacit cooperation of the Department of
Agriculture, who was in bed with the food industries, sugar companies,
pharmaceutical industries and the Federal Drug Administration, not to
mention other ancillary agencies and the entire political community in
power then and even to this day; this relationship and problem will
continue until the public rectifies it and brings to justice all who commit
and condone this continuing crime against the population.


Rubella is a rather innocuous (benign) infectious disease caused by a
virus. Most of the population contract this condition as a matter of course
and develop a life-long immunity to the effect of the virus without
recourse to the paradigm of synthetic immunity via injection of viral
components. Side effects from naturally contracting the virus are extremely
rare, although fetal development is subject to genetic deformity if a
female contracts the virus during the first trimester of pregnancy. The
fact that it can cause birth defects in newborn babies was seized as the
justification for a rubella vaccine, which was licensed in 1969, even
though there are indications that not all pregnant women exposed to the
virus give birth to children with congenital defects. It is estimated that
as of 1980, over 83,000,000 doses of rubella vaccine have been injected
into the population. The number of cases seems to remain stable at about 30
to 40 per year, out of a population of 250,000,000. Despite the use of the
rubella vaccine, the number of infections in women of childbearing age has
remained the same, indicating a defective paradigm.

According to statistics, it would seem that rubella vaccine has been
ineffective in eradicating the disease. Re-infection has been noted in
patients with supposed vaccine-induced immunity. The use of rubella vaccine
has pushed the effective age of rubella contraction upwards into age groups
(>15) where the presence of rubella is undesirable.

The first signs of human intolerance to the rubella vaccine surfaced soon
after its introduction in 1969. Skin rashes and abnormalities of the
lymphatic system, as well as transient episodes of arthritis in children
have been documented, as well as pain in the wrists, hands and knees. In
1970, the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare reported that as
much as 26% of children receiving rubella vaccination in national testing
programs developed arthraligia and arthritis. Many had to seek medical
attention and some were hospitalized to test for rheumatic fever and
rheumatoid arthritis. In New Jersey, this same testing program showed that
17% of all children vaccinated developed arthralgia and arthritis. An
estimated 340,000 children in New Jersey were crippled as a result of the
rubella vaccine. The HEW also admitted that in 1969, before the rubella
vaccine was used, only 87 congenital rubella syndrome cases were reported
in the entire U.S., and that 12 of these were in New Jersey.

Inflammation of the nerves and spinal cord in 36 children was reported in
1972 following a mass rubella vaccination campaign The highest incidence of
these neurological problems was seen in preschool children and appeared up
to 42 days after injection with any type of rubella vaccine. Laboratory
analysis consistently confirmed the presence of an abnormal nerve
conduction velocity.

Recurrent problems with the joints in children 6-8 months of age became
apparent after receiving the HPV-77 rubella vaccine cultured from dog
kidney, and this problem appeared within two to seven weeks, with recurrent
attacks lasting one to seven days appearing at one to three month intervals.

As with other vaccines in the paradigm of synthetic immunity by injection,
bypassing the natural defense systems of the body, the concept that a group
of vaccinated prepubertal children will prevent the spread of rubella
appears to be invalid. In 1971, there was a rubella epidemic where over
1,000 preschool and elementary children in Casper, Wyoming contracted
rubella. Over 83% of the elementary school children and 52% of the
preschool children had been "vaccinated" against rubella virus. It is a
well known fact that the appearance of infectious diseases after the
introduction of vaccines for that disease is chronically under-reported in
the United States, mainly because such reporting would constitute a
conflict of interest. It is considered "unethical" by the medical
profession to report problems that would reflect badly on the medical
profession. Strangely, it is not considered "unethical" to suppress
symptomological data indicative of hazards from ones work that would
constitute knowledge that would benefit the population.

Incredibly, the medical profession insists on vaccinating pregnant women
with the rubella virus vaccine. Despite the fact that pregnant women are
viewed as the "high risk" group as far as exposure to rubella virus is
concerned, between 1979 and 1982 there was a great effort in the United
States to inject women of childbearing age with the rubella vaccine.
Interestingly, there was a parallel increase in cases of congenital rubella
syndrome in women of childbearing age from 1981 to 1982. In 1975, a review
was published regarding the general experience with the rubella virus
vaccine since its introduction in 1969. It was claimed that there was a
decline in reported cases of rubella and congenital rubella syndrome, and
that the vaccine provided protection. Curiously, it was also admitted that
those "vaccinated" could suffer reinfection from the virus, and that there
was a "small but significant incidence" of adverse reactions and a
"potential" risk to women who are vaccinated during pregnancy. The fact
that these supposedly "intelligent" human beings can't understand that
reality undercuts their own paradigm is absolutely incredible, especially
when it is known that natural rubella infection is almost always benign and
confers better immunity than the vaccine, and that rubella vaccination is
not justified in young children, who have undeveloped nervous systems that
are extremely sensitive to vaccine components. The rubella virus has been
recovered from peripheral blood leukocytes two years after vaccine
injection; many are sero-positive more than 8 years after vaccination. A
1985 study investigating the mechanism of "vaccine failure" in Canada
concluded that there was "a generalized lack of understanding of the nature
and significance of altered immunologic responses caused by rubella vaccine
programes." But, they'll continue them anyway.

In 1983, the National Advisory Committee on Immunization in Canada
recommended that "the rubella vaccine should be given routinely to all
children of both sexes at 12 months of age or as soon thereafter as
possible, preferably in combination with measles and mumps vaccines, and
should be given to all female adolescents and women of childbearing age.
There are no known adverse effects following administration of vaccine to
immune women." Rubella vaccine was contraindicated in pregnant women.

These statements seem to disregard known scientific information. If you
inject a person with one of these vaccines, loaded with foreign proteins,
non-human viral particles and carcinogenic substances, and these substances
lie around latent in the system for years, doesn't this present a potential
hazard for an unborn child to come? Of course, but these facts are
deliberately disregarded, and the public just stands by, mute and
hypnotized by this incredible line of pseudo-scientific jargon. Again, why
the emphasis on injection of human females, if in their eyes the human
females are the most susceptible to damage - unless the upper echelon of
the medical community, who has the knowledge of the effect of latent viral
particles, the actual content of the vaccines, etc., is deliberately making
the attempt to cause long-term degenerative disease in generations to come,
thereby assuring the long-term existence of the pseuo-scientific 19th
century medical paradigm. Yes, the "reptilian bastards" are at it again.

In 1984, there was a study of the impact of rubella vaccination done in
Australia that indicated that after 13 years of rubella vaccination, there
was a notable increase in the proportion of rubella sero-positive pregnant
women. Rubella vaccination of girls 12-14 years old started in 1971.
Interestingly, the study showed that 61% of girls were already immune to
rubella before vaccination and that 76% of men were immune at 18-23 years
of age. The deliberate injection of vaccines was unjustified within their
own paradigm as indicated, yet it was done anyway. A study done in 1983 on
doctors, nurses and other hospital personnel indicated an average of 53%
were not vaccinated against rubella. Over 22% of doctors in general and 9%
of obstetricians had not chosen to be vaccinated with the rubella vaccine.
The majority of screening hositals did not take measures to make general
vaccination mandatory, regardless of the category of employee. Interesting.
Do the medical personnel understand what we do and the general public

In 1991, it was established that rubella virus, both natural and
vaccine-introduced, has been found to play a major role in chronic fatigue
syndrome. Try and explain that to the hundreds of millions infected with
the rubella vaccine. Also in 1991, the Institute of Medicine released a
report on the adverse effects of pertussis and rubella vaccines. It
indicated a "casual relationship" between rubella vaccine and acute
arthritis in 13-15% of adult women. However, they said, "the evidence does
not provide for reliable estimates of excess risk of chronic arthritis
following rubella vaccine." Excess risk? Why take any risk at all? The
measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine continues to be administered and
continues to cause problems in the population. In a 1991 issue of Doctor
Weekly, congenital rubella syndrome (CRS) was reported in two babies of
mothers who were vaccinated as teenagers with rubella vaccine.

Orthodoxy on Rubella

According to standard orthodox immunological description, "rubella
infection may be associated with significant morbidity (diseased states) in
adults and is associated with a high degree of fetal wastage or anomalies
if contracted in the early months of pregnancy. Because there is no
evidence that persons who have previously received the vaccine or had
rubella are at any risk of local or systemic reactions from receiving live
rubella vaccine, testing for susceptibility before vaccination is
unnecessary." Obviously, these statements are inaccurate, based on the
evidence, and constitute fraud.

Orthodoxy on Adverse Effects of Rubella Vaccine

"Vaccinees can develop low-grade fever, rash and lymphadenopathyafter
vaccination. As many as 40% of vaccinees in large scale field trials
(experiments) have had joint pain. Arthralgia and transient arthritis occur
more frequently and tend to be more severe in susceptible women than in
children. Transient peripheral neuritic complains, such as paresthesias and
pain in the arms and legs have occurred. There is no increase risk of these
reactions for persons who are already immune when vaccinated. The vaccine
virus is not transmitted from vaccinees to pregnant susceptible contacts.
Rubella vaccine should not be given to women known to be pregnant, not
should a vaccinated women become pregnant within 3 months of a vaccination,
because of theoretical risks to the developing fetus from rubella vaccine
infection. Based on studies conducted in the U.S. and abroad, the U.S.
Public Health Service believes the risk to the fetus of vaccine-associated
malformations is so small as to be negligible. Rubella vaccination during
pregnancy should not ordinarily be a reason to recommend interruption of

"Replication of live rubella vaccine virus may be potentiated in patients
with immune deficiency diseases and by the suppressed immune responses that
occur with leukemia, lumphoma, generalized malignancy, therapy with
corticosteroids, anti-metabolites and radiation. Patients with such
condition should not be given live rubella virus vaccine, however, rubella
vaccination can be considered for susceptible HIV-infected travelers,
regardless of symptoms."


Measles is a viral disease which is truly universal and present everywhere
on the planet. It is characterized by a self-limiting infection of short
duration, moderate severity, and extremely low fatality which has
maintained a remarkably stable biological balance over centuries. The
period from first exposure to the appearance of symptoms is about 10 days.
The characteristic feature of measles infection is the development of
multinucleate giant cells, both epithelial giant cells (which appear in the
respiratory lining) and what are called reticuloendothelial giant cells,
which generally occur in lymphatic tissues, including the tonsils, lymph
nodes, thymus and the spleen, for up to five days before the appearance of
an external rash. The second stage of measles is characterized by this
rash, which seems to occur about the 14th day after exposure, appearing
first on the trunk and then extending to the lower extremities.The rash
then fades and disappears, and improvement starts within two or three days
as the antibodies disappear in the blood. The acute phase of the disease
last for about 7 days. About 90% of all measles patients were 5 to 9 years
old before the introduction of measles vaccines. By 1955, before the
introduction of vaccines, the death rate from measles had declined 97.7%,
and measles was beginning to disappear.

Most human children acquired measles before they reach puberty. Many
studies have been done of the epidemiology of measles. One such study was
done on measle patterns in Baltimore, Maryland on cases from 1900 to 1931.
It was concluded that when 68% of children less than 15 years of age were
immune to measles, epidemics did not occur. This is basically the concept
behind "herd immunity". It is interesting to note that despite the fact
that in the United States measles vaccines are given to 98% of the
population, measles epidemics still occur at three to four year intervals,
uninfluenced by vaccination patterns. The fact that these epidemics always
occur, despite 98% vaccination compliance, means that the vaccination
against measles in ineffective and a fraud. Why, then, do they continue to
promote the vaccine when it is useless? Why do the epidemics continue to
occur? Why did they vaccinate for measles in the first place?

Co-factorial Subversion of the Human Immune System

It is also a well-known fact that naturally contracted measles is an
important phase in the maturation of the human immune system. Why would
anyone want to create a vaccine to stop or delay an important and
well-documented phase of human immune system development acquired through
natural contraction of a mild disease? In 1963, several kinds of "vaccine"
were introduced with the intention of preventing naturally contracted
measles. These vaccines included live attenuated measles virus and measles
virus that had been "inactivated" with formalin, administered to almost
1,000,000 people between 1963 and 1967. Soon after the introduction of
these vaccines, vaccinated children began to contract atypical measles,
which is an especially vicious form that resists treatment, as well as a
milder form of the virus with little or no rash which has the effect of
causing children to develop chronic diseases, including cancer, later in
life. It is a curious matter of record that cancer patients appear to have
a particularly small number of infectious childhood diseases in their
medical history. In 1985, studies found evidence of a relationship between
measles with a lack of rash and increased incidence of degenerative and
autoimmune diseases.

An interesting study began in 1961 in Cincinnati which followed 386
children who had received three injections of vaccine containing "killed"
measles virus. Of these 386 children, 125 had been exposed to measles and
54 of them developed the disease. A study in 1967 described the
manifestation of atypical measles in 10 children who had received
inactivated measles virus vaccine five to six years earlier. Nine of the
children developed pneumonia which resisted all treatment. Serious
reactions occurred in children first injected with inactivated virus and
then re-injected with live virus vaccines. Despite the continuing episodes
of serious local and systemic reactions to measles vaccines, and the
obvious lack of effectiveness, medical officials continued to declare that
measles vaccines were safe and effective. This constitutes fraud and
criminal negligence.

Medical authorities blamed the reports of vaccine failure and atypical
measles on "improper storage" and "children vaccinated at too young an
age", refusing to believe that the vaccine was the problem. Those in upper
echelons knew what was happening all along, but the majority of the medical
community suffered from deliberately suppressed information, as did the
general public.

In 1973, reports of severe neurological disorders due to measles
vaccination began to roll in. One such report described 80 cases of
neurological disorders which began within 30 days after injection with
measles vaccine. The fact that 45 of these children experienced
neurological problems between 6 and 15 days after injection was a clue to
the fact that more than a "casual" link between the vaccine and the
neurological problems existed. Interestingly, this "two week" period seems
to also apply to DPT and polio vaccines, as far as symptomological response
is concerned. This is why the cut-off period for reporting adverse effects
from vaccines has been established - to avoid the period when most adverse
events actually occur. Measles vaccine can cause fatal conditions such as
ataxia (lack of coordination), retardation, hyperactivity, aseptic
meningitis, seizures, paralysis, and generalized encephalitis. It is
generally thought that the myelin around the nerves actually ends up
becoming an antigen when it is dissolved during the encephalitic process,
and intensifies the inflammatory process, but the mechanism is not fully
understood. Prior to 1900, encephalitis from childhood diseases was almost

Those who socially manuvered themselves to be declared "medical
authorities" continue to voice the "benefits" from alleged "protection"
given by "vaccines", yet they are indifferent to the fact that measles
epidemics continue consistently in fully vaccinated children. In the 1970's
adults began contracting measles for no apparent reason. This never
happened before the introduction of measles "vaccines".

In 1978, the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health announced "a new
effort to free the United States from measles by 1981," and a new vaccine
initiative was launched. You will remember that the typical age of the
measles patient before the introduction of measles vaccine was 5-9 years
old. After the introduction of vaccines, 64% were older than 10 years of
age. The average age during the outbreak at the University of California
was 20-24 years - 91% of those had been vaccinated against measles. After
1981, the United States was hit repeatedly by major epidemics, thanks to
the new vaccine "initiative," and most epidemics were in fully "vaccinated"
communities, with atypical measles presenting itself as a continuing
problem. Adults, and now babies under 2 years old, thanks to the vaccines,
were contracting measles. Furthermore, compulsory measles vaccination
programs were always done with vaccines which had always been found to be
ineffective during outbreaks of measles. As has been the consistent
pattern, medical authorities sought a semantic solution to the paradox. In
1984, they declared that a child that is in the state of being
immunologically sensitized, but not immune, is in a state of "inadequate
immunity." Ironic, isn't it? The answer to a failed vaccine, and a failed
vaccine concept, was to vaccinate more. This circular logic persists to
this day, because people can't join together and "just say no."

In 1985, medical authorities had the audacity to state that "sustained
transmission in a totally vaccinated community has not been demonstrated"
and "the major reason for failure to achieve elimination of measles appears
to be the fact that some persons for whom vaccine is indicated have not
been vaccinated." This was a deliberate falsehood, and they went
unchallenged. Meanwhile, the measles virus vaccine continued to do its part
undermine the general immune system of the population.

Now, since natural immunity to measles and its contribution to the
development of the human immune system had been thwarted, and generations
of children with this so-called "inadequate immunity" would grow into
adults with no placental immunity to pass on to their children, who would
contract measles at an age when babies are normally protected by maternal