The 1990 Workshop on Pertussis Vaccination
Leading Edge Master Analysis of the Vaccination Paradigm


In 1990, a Workshop on Neurologic Complications of Pertussis and Pertussis
Vaccination was convened. It concluded that pertussis vaccines are not
standardized between manufacturers, that vaccines are not standardized by
each manufacturer from one batch to another, that there is no inherent
difficulty in assigning cause and effect to the vaccine and subsequent
permanent neurological damage, that there was sufficient experimental data
to implicate both endotoxin and pertussis toxin in adverse neurological
reactions to pertussis vaccine, and that there was a consensus between
neurologists that the seizures following pertussis vaccination could not
accurately be described as "febrile convulsions" because they are not
necessarily benign. Incredibly, in the face of their own conclusions, they
released a report that concluded "there is no demonstrated association
between DPT vaccination and SIDS, because sudden death after pertussis
vaccination is too rare to be detectable in the context of presently
available series." There are 10,000 cases of SIDS in the United States each
year. The conspiracy runs deep. In the 1990 Journal of the American Medical
Association an editorital clearly labelled vaccine-induced encephalopathy
"a myth", ironically accusing the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP)
"and other well-meaning physicians" of "joining forces with parents groups
and lawyers." Ironic, because the AAP was the one who recommended in 1992
that babies in the United States should be given five doses of pertussis
vaccine. It is interesting how the AAP changed their tune within two years.
The end result of this insanity led to the formation of the National
Vaccine Injury Program.

Another bit of irony is that finally in 1992, the Institute of Medicine
admitted that "the evidence is consistent with a causal relation between
DPT vaccine and acute encephalopathy, defined in the studies reviewed as
encephalopathy, encephalitis or encephalomyelitis, and the evidence
indicates a causal relation between DPT vaccine and anaphylaxis, between
the pertussis component of DPT vaccine and protracted, inconsolable
crying." In other words, brain damage in progress.

Harvard Medical School and Federal Drug Administration Tests on DPT Vaccine

Almost 50 years ago in 1948 two Harvard Medical School scientists, Randolph
Byers and Frederick Moll, carried out tests on DPT vaccines at Children's
Hospital in Boston and concluded that severe neurological problems followed
administration of DPT vaccines. The results of the tests were published in
Pediatrics, a respectable medical journal. They were ignored by the medical
and pharmaceutical community, who had a vested financial interest in
continuing the practice. In 1976, Charles Manclark, an FDA scientist,
remarked that "the DPT vaccine had one of the worst failure rates of any
product submitted to the Division of Biologics for testing."

DPT Trivalent Vaccine Composition and Physiological Action

Approximately 3.3 million children are injected each year with DPT vaccine,
which is composed of the toxoids of diphtheria and tetanus, along with
whole cells of pertussis bacteria. Again, toxoids are defined as the toxins
emitted by organisms when they grow in a culture. Tetanus toxins are
produced in culture consisting of beef heart infusion, containing by nature
animal bacteria, viruses and antigens foreign to the human body, as well as
dextrose (sugar), sodium chloride (salt) and casein (a bovine milk
by-product). Diphtheria toxoids are produced in a similar manner. They used
to be produced from antibodies gained from blood of horses injected with
diphtheria bacteria. After it has been determined that a sufficient amount
of toxic by-products have been produced, the cultures are filtered to
obtain a reasonably clear solution containing the toxic cellular
by-products of the bacteria, plus animal viruses and foreign protein
antigens. Formalin is added to cause any particles left to clump. Formalin
is a derivative of formaldehyde (a carcinogen used to embalm bodies). Wood
alcohol, methanol (toxic) is added to cause the toxoid particles to
precipitate into a fine powder. Whole cells of deadly pertussis bacteria
that have been killed by thimerosal ( also known as merthiolate), a mercury
compound, are added to the mixture. Over 35mg of thimerosal will kill a
rabbit. Thimerosal also destroys the "potency" of the vaccine, affects
growth patterns of human cells it comes into contact with, and inhibits the
action of human white blood cells, inhibiting the process of phagocytosis.
Thimersol is five times more toxic to human cells than it is for
Staphlococcus bacteriaand, as a mercury compound, produces an allergic
reaction in the body.

A substance called an "adjuvant", which initiates reactionary antibody
formation, is added. Common adjuvants are aluminum hydroxide and aluminum
potassium sulfate. The mixture is then put into vials for injection into
children. In the body, the formalin coating dissolves, releasing all
bacterial and viral particles from animal culture sources. The thimerosal
and adjuvant chemicals irritate the body tissues and increase the action of
accompanying bacteria and viruses, as well as the reaction of the immune
system to the foreign protein antigens, severely damaging neurological
membranes, especially in babies and children, where the myelin sheath has
only partially protected the nervous system, resulting in mild to severe
neurological damage, production of learning disabilities and other nervous
system disorders, or death, especially upon subsequent injections where the
cellular structure of the body has already been sensitized, promoting
allergic reactions and responses of increasingly severe nature.

Promotion of Disease Processes By Chemicals in Vaccines

Between 1940 and 1955, it was noticed that children who had been recently
injected with pertussis vaccine suffered paralytic polio at an increased
frequency over those who had not received pertussis vaccine. During a polio
outbreak in Minnesota in 1946, eighty-five children came down with polio.
Thirty-three of them had recently received pertussis vaccine five to
nineteen days earlier, and the limb injected with the pertussis vaccine was
paralyzed in 58% of the children affected. In 1949, the risk of contracting
paralytic polio for infants was four times higher if they received a
diphtheria-pertussis injection within the previous six weeks before
exposure to the virus, as compared to an un-injected group of control
infants. In 1953, research on a polio epidemic on some Pacific islands
revealed that the children on the island, who were receiving weekly
injections of a solution of mercury, arsenic and bismuth to combat an
infestation of spirochetes, experienced polio at ten times the rate of
children on the islands not receiving the treatment.

The 1954 study on "Provoking and Localizing Factors in Poliomyelitis,"
conducted by Trueta and Hodes and published in Lancet, journal of the
British Medical Association, outlined research performed since 1900 on
diverse factors that appeared to increase the severity of poliomyelitis or
localize it to a specific area in the nervous system. As early as 1920,
researchers were sure that the polio virus migrated through the body by way
of the circulatory system. This bit of research prompted Trueta and Hodes
to make the suggestion that the factors which influence the severity and
localization of polio might somehow modify the pattern of blood vessels in
the nervous system, increasing the permeability of the blood-brain barrier,
giving polio easier access to both the brain and the nervous system.
Experiments with formalin and other substances illustrated that these type
of substances caused engorgement of blood vessels in areas corresponding to
areas of paralysis. Their research, and subsequent work, has confirmed that
some of the substances such as formalin that are routinely added to
vaccines have the effect of increasing the severity of disease and the
probability of death, depending on the bacterium or viruses that are
injected with these chemicals.

A subsequent study in 1954 by the Medical Research Council of Great Britain
revealed that diphtheria-pertussis vaccines, especially those precipitated
using aluminum compounds, predisposed children to paralytic polio. In 1957,
the eminent biologist Dubos proved that when pertussis vaccines or killed
mycobacteria were injected into animals infected months earlier with small
doses of bacteria, the subsequently injected bacteria multiplied
explosively. In other words, pertussis vaccine is able to accelerate latent
infections into active acute infections. Since medical authorities fail to
thoroughly examine people injected with vaccines, they cannot detect latent
infections which can be reactivated by injection of vaccines and
accompanying chemical preservatives and bacteriostatic drugs.

Total Annual DPT Statistics for the United States

DPT vaccines, no matter what the formulation, appear to have a devestating
effect on the neurology of American children. Out of 3.3 million babies,
infants and toddlers injected each year, over 33,000 experience acute
neurological reactions, with 8,500 experiencing convulsions and/or
collapse, and over 16,000 have episodes of high-pitched screaming
indicating brain damage in progress. The general complication rate with DPT
vaccine is estimated to be over 10,000 for every million injected. If
33,000 postmen shot themselves in the head each year, would there be notice
taken of it? The fact that the slaughter and injuries have not stopped is
due more to lack of mass awareness of the dimension of the problem.

Efforts at Population Control Using Tetanus Toxin as a Carrier

Leading Edge Research is a member of the National Vaccine Information
Center, and as such we have access to a continual flow of valuable data and
information concerning activities within the vaccination paradigm. One of
the more interesting things to arise in 1995 was the revelation that the
World Health Organization (WHO), in concert with the Centers for Disease
Control, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the World Bank, the United
Nations, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Population Council, the U.S.
National Institutes of Health, Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark,
Germany and several universities, including those at Helsinki, Uppsala and
Ohio State University, have been working for nearly 25 years on an
anti-fertility vaccine using hCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) tied to a
tetanus toxoid vaccine. Two decades of medical journals have detailed their
progress. By injecting a woman with hCG, using tetanus toxoid as a carrier,
the woman's immune system not only produces antibodies against tetanus, but
also produces anti-bodies against hCG. When the woman subsequently becomes
pregnant, the hCG antibodies will cause her to abort her baby because there
will be too little hCG (normally needed to maintain a pregnancy) in her body.

In June 1995, Human Life International, a large human rights and pro-life
organization, raised questions about the program, as well as the apparent
activity of the WHO, where millions of unsuspecting women in Mexico, the
Philippines and Nicaragua are being used as human guinea pigs in which they
are injected with an anti-fertility vaccine but are told it was nothing
more than a tetanus vaccine. After becoming suspicious of protocols in what
the WHO billed as "a massive campaign to reduce the incidence of neo-natal
tetanus", pro-life groups in the Philippines had vials of the vaccine
independently tested and discovered that they contained hCG.

According to James Miller, who reported on the controversy in the June 1995
HLI Reports newsletter, when the first reports surfaced in the Phillipines,
health officials at the WHO and Phillipine health agencies categorically
denied the vaccine contained hCG. When confronted with lab test evidence
showing the vaccine vials contained hCG as well as laboratory evidence that
there were high levels of hCG antibodies in 27 out of 30 women who had been
vaccinated, WHO officials started to make excuses. Now, why would they try
to hide the fact that hCG was in the vaccine unless they knew they were
doing something unethical?

According to Miller, "first they said there was no hCG in the vaccine ,
then they said there was, but it was in tiny amounts. Then, they said that
hCG is part of the vaccine manufacturing process. Now, they are saying the
tests to detect hCG are flawed and produce 'a lot of false positives'. But,
there is one fact that cannot be disputed. There is no known way for the
vaccinated women to have hCG antibodies in their blood unless hCG had been
artificially introduced into their bodies."

Tetanus vaccine has historically been given to individuals every ten years
as standard allopathic practice, despite the criminal nature of the
procedure. Tetanus vaccine is usually given allopathically in the event of
a severe injury. Evidence that vaccinating pregnant mothers "to prevent
neo-natal tetanus" is illogical, anecdotal, and is not supported but any
evidence whatsoever. It is interesting that the CDC is also recommending
that pregnant mothers also receive AZT "to prevent transmission of HIV to
babies" and that newborn babies receive AZT. Of course, AZT is an
experimental chemotherapy chemical which is lethal to all cellular
structures. Both instances constitute willful criminal negligence
tantamount to genocide, both for mothers and babies.

According to the CDC, who has been promoting elimination of neonatal
tetanus in the Third World, "hundreds of thousands of infants die from
neonatal tetanus in mostly underdeveloped countries every year because they
are born in unsanitary conditions and their umbilical cords become infected
with tetanus bacteria." CDC protocols discuss "the need" for pregnant women
to receive two injections of tetanus vaccine. The WHO tetanus campaign in
the Philippines, Nicaragua and Mexico (afta NAFTA?) targeted " all women of
childbearing age and adult women" and injected with with three doses of
vaccine within 90 days, following up with two more doses for a total of
five tetanus shots. One Roman Catholic nun was quoted as saying that health
officials "started vaccinating teenagers without their consent and were
even going house to house." Human Life International is calling for a
Congressional investigation, which NVIC endorses, to explore human rights
abuses connected with the mass vaccination campaign.

Human Life International, as they indicated in HLI Reports (Vol 13 No.6
June 1995) placed an exploratory call to the Montgomery County (Maryland)
Health Department, Epidemiological Division, Infectious Diseases and Adult
Immunizations to inquire about the frequency of tetanus vaccinations. The
answers provided by the Health Department were revealing:

Q: For how long a time does the tetanus vaccine "offer protection"?

A: 10 years.

Q: Have you ever heard of any adult requiring three tetanus vaccinations

a 3 or 4 month time period, and a total of five vaccinations in all within a

year or so?

A: Whaaat! Never. No way!

So, even "standard allopathy" doesn't agree with the protocol that is being
implemented by the WHO, in concert with the rest of the "anti-fertility