Narcolepsy  Swine flu

Nearly 80 getting compensation for narcolepsy from swine flu vaccination

The payment of compensation for narcolepsy attributed to the H1N1, or swine flu vaccine during the pandemic of 2009 has started.
      In the first stages, 78 children and young people will get an advance payout of EUR 10,000 – 20,000. The sum might increase later, says Asko Nio of the Finnish Pharmaceutical Insurance Pool.
      Applications have been received on behalf of 111 children and young people. Some of the applications arrived this week, and they have not been processed yet. There are about ten uncertain cases.
Those who were diagnosed with narcolepsy after getting the vaccination are to get a one-off payment for both temporary and permanent harm.
      For temporary damage, mainly pain and suffering, all are getting an immediate payment of EUR 8,700.
The compensation follows the lines of what would be paid out for a serious traffic accident involving a week in hospital, months of recovery time, and a significant lifelong injury.
      The advance payout for permanent damage suffered by the narcolepsy patients is EUR 13,600. Those who are 18 years old or more will get the sum immediately. Those who are younger will get part of it now and the rest when they turn 18.
      The final sums of money will be ironed out when the narcolepsy patients’ health conditions stabilise. Each individual patient’s condition will be assessed separately. This usually happens between three and five years from the onset of symptoms.
In addition to the one-off payments, children and young people suffering from narcolepsy attributed to the H1N1 vaccine will also get compensated for treatment, travel, and drug costs.
      The parents will also be reimbursed for lost earnings if they need to take time off work to care for a sick child.
When they are older the victims will be entitled to compensation for a diminished capacity to earn a living.
      The main symptom of narcolepsy is falling asleep unexpectedly. Problems with memory and learning are also common, and the disease can be a serious impediment to establishing normal human relationships.

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