Five Develop Nerve Disorder After Receiving Meningitis Vaccine
Oct 1, 2005

Oct1 2005

Five teenagers developed a serious neurological disorder within two to
four weeks after receiving the vaccine Menactra, which prevents a
severe and deadly form of meningitis, the Food and Drug Administration
reported yesterday.

All have recovered or are recovering from the illness, Guillain-Barré
syndrome, which causes weakness in the arms and legs and can spread to
the chest and impair breathing. The drug agency said in a news
release, "It is not yet known whether these cases were caused by the
vaccine or are coincidental."

In the meantime, parents should continue to vaccinate their children,
said Dr. Karen Midthun, deputy director of the drug agency's Center
for Biologics Evaluation.

[Yeah, right. Personally, this would be a serious impediment in my
choosing to vaccinate my kids with this particular vaccine.]

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