Vaccine ingredients

"Phenol is a highly poisonous, caustic substance derived from coal tar and used in the production of disinfectants, dyes, pharmaceuticals, plastics, germicides, and preservatives. Exposure may result in systemic poisoning, weakness, sweating, headache, shock, excitement, kidney damage, convulsions, cardiac or kidney failure, and death. Repeated exposure may also cause vomiting and mental disturbances. Phenol is considered to be corrosive to the skin and it is known to be a protoplasmic poison: i.e. toxic to all cells. Tests indicate that phenol actually inhibits phagocytic activity. The use of phenol in vaccine preparations introduces a poisonous and caustic substance into the body. Since it also inhibits phagocytic activity, it actually serves to debilitate, rather than stimulate, the immune response. Phagocytes serve as the body’s first line of defense against antigenic activity: they engulf and digest antigens and they cause other elements of the immune system to become activated. Since vaccines are meant to stimulate an immune response, the use of phagocyte-inhibiting phenols contradicts the basic rationale for using vaccines. Furthermore, harm cannot possibly be avoided when it is understood that at the same time that pathogens are being introduced into the body, phenols are acting to inhibit an appropriate immune response."---Catherine Diodati MA

"2-phenoloxyethanol contains phenol which has the ability to inhibit phagocyte activity, meaning it is toxic to all cells. It can disable the immune system's primary response mechanism. It can cause systemic poisoning, headache, shock, weakness, convulsions, kidney damage, cardiac or kidney failure, death. "--Edda West

"The pathways that cause the blood disorders and cancers from exposure to benzene are through bioactivation of phenol (the major metabolite which is highly toxic to and destroys the bone marrow) in the liver. That this causes genomic changes is well known but is not yet fully understood."---Edward Priestley

Pneumovax II  Single-dose vial containing, in 0.5 ml, 25 mcg of each polysaccharide type derived from capsules of the 23 most prevalent pneumococci dissolved in isotonic saline containing 0.25% phenol.

Rabies Vaccine Inactivated (Diploid Cell Origin), Dried The sterile diluent contains thimerosal 0.01% as a preservative. The reconstituted vaccine is orange to red in color due to phenol red indicator