> The Daily Telegraph

> Thursday October 21, 1999


An incurable bone cancer may be linked to contaminated polio vaccine and exposure to herbicides, a researcher said yesterday.


> Multiple myeloma attacks bone marrow, has no cure and causes bone

> collapse, fractures and paralysis.


> The head of the myeloma clinic at the Cedars-Sinai Centre in Los

> Angeles, Professor Brian Durie, said in Sydney that while the disease

> commonly affected people over 65, an increasing number of baby boomers

> were being diagnosed.


> "In recent years we found that not only has the incidence [of the

> diseases[ gone up, but it's occurring in somewhat younger people." he

> said.


> Professor Durie believes evidence that some myeloma patients have a

> cancer-causing virus called SV40, which contaminated early batches of

> polio vaccine in the 1950s and 1960s, may explain why baby boomers are

> developing disease.


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