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Polio poster girl cured

Eleanor McBean (Vaccination The Silent Killer):

"Another typical case of the difference between the medical and non-medical approach to healing is that of THE POLIO POSTER GIRL for the March of Dimes.
    Little Winifred Gardella, had been treated for polio by medical doctors for two and a half years, and the best they could do was to release her as a hopeless cripple wearing crutches and leg braces with no hope for the rest of her life. Her picture was used on the March of Dimes posters to jerk more donations from people, to carry on more of this failure system of medical mix-up and mess.
    After she left the medical hosptial, her mother took her to a drugless doctor, Dr. Lewis Robertson (Chiropractor), who treated her with special drugless methods and had her well and walking in less than six months. (See photographs, Fig. I and 2).
    These are just two (flu and polio) of the thousands of better and more successful treatments which the "qualified" drugless doctors have, which should be used, instead of the damaging medical methods."poliogirl.jpg (47596 bytes)

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