The Pool Room Experiment

Douglas Bishop - May 14, 2003 4:43 pm  

From Jon Rappoport's


May 14. Not long ago, I sent out a query to several biologists and chemists. I asked whether a toxic chemical in the body could make blood tests for viruses read falsely positive.

I got back two answers that said “probably.”

The third answer said, “I’m not aware of any evidence for this.”

I then followed up with, “Is the lack of evidence stemming from the fact that no one has done any research on the issue?”

The eminent scientist confirmed that no real research had been done.

The whole area of effects caused by toxic chemicals is murky, because the medical cartel does not want to implicate certain corporations in crimes of magnitude. And because the medical boys are always on the prowl for germs. And because many toxic chemicals turn out to be medicines.

Here is a convenient way to look at all this. I call it the Billiards Experiment.

Set up a pool table in a room. Spread out the balls on the table.

Install a very powerful fan in the ceiling. Turn it on.

Now register the fact that the balls on the table are moving very slightly.

Bring in the medical researchers.

Here is what they will do. They’ll spend a few months measuring the precise degree of movement of the balls. Then they’ll take a few balls away and drill holes in them and look for “something” inside the balls that could be causing the movement. This process will take three years, and it will go nowhere. Another three years will be spent analyzing the paint on the balls.

The scientists will then examine the table. They’ll do this grudgingly. They’ll install very high-priced braces on the legs. To no avail.

Then they’ll go back to the balls and drill new holes and find what they think are gene-fragments of a previously unknown microorganism. They will use a procedure to amplify these gene fragments a million times---and from the results, they will speculate that they have found a new plastic-eating germ. They will give this germ a name and they will issue warnings to all pool-table owners on the planet. Soldiers will close down poolrooms.

Then one day, somebody will walk into the original room and turn off the fan. The minute movements of the balls will stop. But no one will care.

Today, a new study of the alarming rise in autism cases in California is appended with a comment from the researchers. They are finding excess amounts of a common protein in kids with autism.

They ignore the rise in vaccinations, in amounts of mercury therefore shot into the bodies of babies, as well as other vaccine chemicals such as formaldehyde.

If a chemical initiates a series of effects in the body, and the scientists are busy looking at a few of those effects, nothing good will happen.

You have to turn off the fan.

But that’s too easy. It doesn’t cost billions of dollars. It doesn’t keep thousands of domeheads busy at the micro end of the spectrum.

If the fan is the real culprit, then some liability and responsibility can be assigned. Can’t have that. A germ has no responsibility. Much better.

Much better to say that HIV is killing people in Kampala, Uganda. People who are drinking water pumped DIRECTLY from raw sewage.