Compulsory vaccination

Infant son confiscated for 13 weeks and force vaccinated

Jan 20113

SAN DIEGO, CA -- A woman had her life turned upside down by the police state during an otherwise normal day. Around noon, Larissa Nearing received a call that her apartment building was on fire. When she arrived, she saw that the fire was in a neighbor's unit, and had already been extinguished.

She discovered that her apartment had been entered by the fire department and that many of her items had been covered by plastic. However, some expensive audio equipment used for her DJ business was laying out unprotected. She attempted to enter the apartment to protect these things from further damage. A police officer would have none of this and arrested her for obstruction of justice.

During her arrest and transportation she was mocked and harassed. Her DNA was confiscated and was permanently entered into an ever-growing database, retained even if the charges were later dropped.

As she was being booked at the police department, she was given a new charge: Child Endangerment. Her 1-year-old son was at the daycare during this whole ordeal. Apparently the reasoning for the "endangerment" was that Larissa had not injected her son with all the pharmaceutical drugs that the State recommends. So making a choice about vaccinating her infant son got him confiscated from her for a total of 13-weeks.

Her son was immediately given 8 shots back-to-back and was hospitalized twice in the first 5 days of the confiscation. He had never been hospitalized for any other reason up until that point.

Among Larissa's 5 charges included Obstruction of Justice, Child Endangerment (Felony), Possession of (legally prescribed medical) marijuana. Her driver's license was also suspended for a time because they attempted to paint her as a drug addict.

Welcome to Police State USA.