Len Horowitz on scrapie contaminated animal vaccine

(From Healing Codes book ISBN 0923550399):

In the 1930s it was determined that scrapie—the mad cow-like disease of sheep—could be transmitted by injection and be one hundred percent fatal. Five years later Dr. William Gordon of the British Agricultural Research Council field station at Compton, Berkshire, England, began to test 44,000 doses of an experimental sheep vaccine he had developed to rid the animals of "louping-ill" disease. His vaccine consisted of "homogenized brain, spinal-cord and spleen tissue taken from sheep infected with louping ill, diluted in saline solution and inactivated by adding a small amount of formaldehyde. . . . In 1937, to Gordon’s horror, the sheep inoculated.. . began developing Scrapie. The vaccine was evidently contaminated."17

Dr. Gordon relayed in Deadly Feasts, "I visited most of the farms on which sheep had been vaccinated in 1935 . . I shall not forget the profound effect on my emotions when I .. . was warmly welcomed because of the great benefits resulting from the application of louping ill vaccine, whereas the chief purpose of my visit was to determine if scrapie was appearing in the inoculated sheep."24

Ten years later, scrapie appeared on American soil in Michigan where, according to Rhodes, purebred British sheep had been imported through Canada. Soon there were outbreaks of it in California and Ohio as well. That these outbreaks occurred by accident, or simple ignorance as Rhodes advanced, is highly uncertain. Given the Deadly Feasts author’s funding sources and censored text, the first American outbreaks were as likely associated with vaccine trials much like the outbreaks in which doctors Szmuness and Gordon were implicated.

Therefore, given the social, political, religious, economic, and scientific history provided thus far, it is not inconceivable that today’s physician’s offices and public health units that offer "free vaccines" are like the concentration camps of yesteryear. And that Rockefeller controlled blood and vaccines are much like the gas.

"When you don’t learn history," Len told Robert, "because of laziness, ignorance, or because the history itself was a major covert operation that never made it into the history books, history repeats.

"Today with AIDS, mad cow disease, chronic fatigue, and the rest, history is apparently repeating. In fact, even the message is the same. The millions of holocaust victims were told they were going into ‘showers’ for ‘pubic health’ and ‘disinfection.’ That’s why we’re being told to get vaccinated. Virtually nothing has changed, not even the message."