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Thanks to Mark S for the heads up on Google:
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Google search returns without ads or search term logging

Matt Cutts, a software engineer at Google since January 2000, used to work for the National Security Agency.  Keyhole, the satellite imaging company that Google acquired in October 2004, was funded by the CIA.  Since 2000, Google has recorded your search terms, the date-time of each search, the globally-unique ID in your cookie (it expires in 2038), and your IP address. This information is available to governments on request. If your favorite site features a Google search box, ask them to install their own local site search. They could also use our site search for webmasters, which shows the same results without the tracking.

We also recommend Clusty, which has better results than Google and doesn't track you.

Check your e mail from any computer, and useful for when they disrupt your e mail programme:

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