Secret Family Courts


1.  UK Family Courts Sanction Human Auction.
Sue Reid writes in the Daily Mail national UK newspaper: "What is most disturbing is that parents have told me that child care professionals, from social workers to doctors, are routinely fabricating or distorting evidence to make a case to take their children away.  In a bid to find them new homes, children removed from their real parents have been paraded publicly during the TV series. It is, say critics, akin to a human auction."

2.  Petition - End UK Family Courts Draconian Secrecy.
Approximately 1 in 20 children have been taken into care, some adopted, at some point in their lives. Nearly 60,000 children are taken into care each year. That's the entire population of 100 primary schools. They should open the door of the Secret Family Courts and let the daylight of open inquiry illuminate their work.  Sign the Petiton.