Stop US gov Proposed Anthrax Vaccine Test in Children

Alliance for Human Research Protection
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To date, the available evidence about the safety and efficacy of the anthrax
vaccine is resoundingly negative.
By contrast, Antibiotics have proven to be 100% effective against
anthrax--and their safety profile is decidedly positive.

Yet, the federal government has begun to set a process in motion that--if
unopposed--would expose American children to the serious risks of the
anthrax vaccine, with no direct benefit for themselves. Children recruited
for such a trial would be used, much like "canaries in the coal mines," to
test the safety and efficacy of this highly controversial vaccine. A vaccine
that has injured hundreds of US troops who were vaccinated, but never
exposed to an anthrax attack.

A public hearing, cyncially named "Vaccine to Protect Children from Anthrax
Public Engagement Workshop," will convene in Washington DC, on July 7 at
9:00 AM  at the Washington Plaza Hotel, 10 Thomas Circle NW

The Alliance for Human Research Protection has written a letter of protest
to Kathleen Sibelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, spelling out
numerous safety issues surrounding this controversial vaccine.

Indeed, three government anthrax vaccine initiatives represent a reckless
deviation from the precautionary principle of medical ethics and fiscal
See AHRP letter:

HHS has posted Questions to Consider--in which the government acknowledges
"Based on the data used to support FDA licensure, public health officials
and other experts, believe it will work, however, there are no data on
effectiveness in children or in adults for that matter." and

In 2005, a similar proposal by the National Institutes of Health, to test
the anthrax vaccine on children, was suspended after Senator Jeff Bingaman
wrote a letter to (then) HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt.
See letter at:

Please distribute widely: help prevent the blatant unethical exploitation of
vulnerable children by officials in the Office of Public Health Emergency

You might want to enquire of those in office--and those seeking high
government office--exactly WHOSE CHILDREN  will be sought as human test
subjects in the anthrax vaccine trial???

Contact: Vera Hassner Sharav

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